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  1. I have a 2020 Sierra 1500 with about 4,000 miles on it and it easily has about three dozen rock chips already. That does not include all of the chips right behind the wheel wells towards to bottom of the body. I literally get about 10 new chips every time I drive on a dirt road. I have two F-150's before this with no noticeable issues. My truck is going to look horrible before winter even hits...
  2. My 2020 at4 with 6.2l idles rough too. I only feed it premium gas, but it definitely seems unhappy at idle.
  3. I did get a really good deal on the truck and would like to keep it if possible. I have been running into a lot of road blocks with GM customer service. They seem to do a good job of staying in touch, but a terrible job of actually doing anything. They always promise to look into things and get my questions answered, but they never actually get answers. Has anyone been sucessful in getting GM to extend the manufacturer warranty at no cost? GM corporate is saying they don't have the ability and that a dealer is the only way to get it extended. The dealer is saying they can sell me an extended warranty, but I wasn't planning on paying for it.
  4. My old truck was finally paid off. I guess the dealer had waited almost 4 weeks before they provided payment for the old loan. I am not sure why, but at least it is done. Still no matching door though. Apparently, some of the parts are on national backorder and not available. They should hopefully have all the required parts within 60 days I hope. Interestingly enough, my truck is in the shop right now getting a new trans valve body and a couple other trans parts that are also on national backorder. My new truck is a mess!
  5. I have a brand new 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 that has been in the shop three times already for check engine lights. It is actually at the shop as I type this because the tranny couldn't shift and kept going into limp mode. It has 1,000 miles on it and has been a disaster so far. I have gotten 6 different codes. Most of them saying there are issues with the ECM, TCM and brake control modules. I may be going for a buyback. I had a 2017 and 2018 F-150 before this truck and the 2017 was bought back due to engine and trans issues. The 2018 had the exact same issues and was not fixed after two attempts and rebuilding the engine. It is starting to seem like they all suck. haha
  6. A quick update. GM engineers told me my truck was safe to drive with the aforementioned codes and said they are working on a fix. That did not make me happy, but whatever. Then today, the check engine light came on again and my transmission started going downhill fast. It started making hard, jerky shifts before it decided to shift into I would guess 3rd gear while I was doing 75 mph on the freeway. The rpms went to about 4500 instantly. I got off the freeway a d it did not shift out of that gear for the rest of the trip. After shutting it off and driving it again about 3 hours later it was shifting with major issues. At one point it would not advance gears and was just revving/bouncing off of one gear almost like I was hitting the rev limiter even though it was at about 3000 rpms. OnStar is showing codes P0700 and P2715 with the following description. The Engine and Transmission System is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Transmission System that transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels. You may experience reduced power or shifting issues.If the vehicle is continually driven with the check engine light on, the emission controls might not work as well, the vehicle fuel economy might not be as good, and the engine might not run as smoothly. This could lead to future repairs. This truck is not drivable or safe. I will be going back to the dealership for the third time. I have just over 1200 miles on it now...
  7. Truck is back with the dealer and they said the previous software update was supposed to fix the problem. They have escalated this with GM and are talking with their engineers. There is no fix yet.
  8. Well, I got my truck back after they updated the brake control module with the new software and everything seemed good. Today I fired her up again and got an immediate check engine light. OnStar did a diagnostic report and showed that they "failed to probe" the ECM, SDM, TCM, BOI, and ABS system and could not read the check engine light codes. I will call the dealer tomorrow morning and get it back in. I was about to put a 1" front level kit on, but I am now thinking I need to hold off until they fix this issue. Anyone had success yet?
  9. This dealer is definitely very shady in my opinion. They also screwed up my original financing paperwork which would have cost me and additional $3,000 had I not noticed. I bought the truck almost 4 weeks ago and they still haven't paid off my trade in loan, which I am still making payments on. Definitely going to be involving an attorney soon.
  10. They have acknowledged that it has the wrong door. Nobody knows how it got there. They have ordered all of the parts to strip the existing door and put the correct parts on. The bummer is that at least one of the parts is on backorder with no date of when it will be shipped. Looks like I get to drive the mismatched truck for a bit. Haha
  11. Could be. My other doors have leather with orange stitches and a carbon fiber insert. The wrong one has rubber and hard plastic.
  12. Hard to see in the picture, but wrench marks on this door only.
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