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  1. my 6.2 in my at4 runs rough at idle any body else have this or is this normal for the engine as it cuts out cylinders
  2. update removed flowmaster installed magnaflow without rear flapper sounds great no drone
  3. installed a magnaflow without rear flapper ,no drone sounds great now
  4. thanks just read ur thread ,back to shop tommorow ,will post results
  5. i was reading alot of threads and everyone has a differant answers ,i decided on a flowmaster 40 and removed downstream flapper as was suggested by another member ,i get alot of drone and can hear when engine cuts down to 4cly ,if i reinstall flapper do u think it will get rid of drone ,leaving on a long trip in 2 days and want this fixed ,thanks any other suggestions
  6. if i put flapper back in behind muffler will that help
  7. Installed a flowmaster 40 left out downstream flapper .drone is really bad still.will put flapper back in and report back
  8. well i bit the bullet and had the muffler cut off and the down stream flapper as that is what i found online to do ,well i am going back way to noisy for me pretty loud ,ordered a flowmaster 40 ,will report back
  9. looking to get a bit more growl out of my 6.2l at4 ,it is a canadian truck i think it has 2 resinators ,any canucks delete or added a flowmaster ,thanks
  10. top side rail measurments are the same as 18 and down ,no issues at all power tail gate works too
  11. Hi will a retrax cover from a 2013 sierra with 5ft 9 box fit my new 2019 sierra at4 with a 5ft 9 box .thanks
  12. hi can u tell by the sticker on new truck on lot how old truck is
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