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  1. What are the reviews, has any T1 L87 trucks been tuned. From the sideline it looks promising almost 50hp and 50ft lbs max at round 3400rpm and 20hp 20ftlbs peak. I’m on the fence
  2. I tried both flappers but the helicopter was too much, had front flapper put back and it’s almost perfect.
  3. I had to keep the front flapper in, I was hoping to hear from someone that installed the borla 60680 and had both flappers removed.
  4. Needed a 1/4" spacer to get 17s from a 2006 Yukon Denali to fit. Contour of the spokes and rim front to back make it nearly impossible to tell. Can tell you the calipers are wider and that ET better leave 2.75" of caliper clearance or it will hit the front of the rim. Also a 8" or 8.5" wide 17" rim is a better bet. The 7.5" wide needs to be test fit.
  5. Attempting to put on 2006 Yukon Denali 6 spoke 17" rims for winter rubber. Calipers just touch and need a spacer, going to try 1/4". As I feel its the largest one should go to have enough lug nut to stud contact.
  6. Stock is 3.0" muffler in out. However stock pipe is 3.5" that drops down to 3.16" for the adaptive valve to 3" into muffler. If you delete everything 36" of 3.5" should span the gap, if you"re keeping the adaptive valve you'll need to have a muffler shop flare an end or buy a muffler delete pipe like magnaflow sells.
  7. Read it makes it louder and a little raspy. Couple posts here say to leave the last one by the hanger open. Muffler delete would be higher pitched than what I have. I like a deep tone.
  8. I took off the stock muffler and rear flapper and went with magnaflow 11229. Very nice. Some say they were able to remove both flappers and its good, i call bs on that. The dfm makes a choppy sound and drones before more cylinders kick in and the tone changing while its switching make the drivetrain feel busy. With the front flapper in it is more stock like with some kick when you want it to be.
  9. He did. The adaptive valve is like 3-1/8", he stuck a 3" pipe in there feeding the 11229 mf. Its now sorted and the pipe is over the adaptive valve pipe.
  10. Update. The installer put the pipe inside the adaptive valve and the counter weight got stuck open. So now that its addressed it sounds awesome cruising. You can hear the DFM but its not intrusive. Any one with the delete or muffler swap that kept front flappers in place get rid of the resonators. Have a sound clip
  11. I went with the MF 11229. 3" in and out as the flapper valve drops down to near 3" into and out the stock muffler and had removed the rear flapper. Wow start up, idle and throttle sound great. Cruising not so much, you can hear the DFM, and it sounds busy switching all the time, and there is drone in DFM mode while under load till more cylinders activate. Ill be getting the rear flapper put back in, I am sure it'll kill the startup rumble but the on throttle sound will be great and the dfm chop and drone should be gone.
  12. Sanded with 220 and painted them up. I like the satin black.
  13. Does anyone know if the bowtie grill emblems from 2018 would fit the 2020s. Thanks,
  14. I am trying to find an upgraded intake tube. One that doesnt have all the resonator chambers and will go right onto the stock intake box and fit the stock passanger side ccv tube. If anyone has info I would sure appreciate a link. Thanks,
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