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  1. I know I have a block line but im just trying to find the orifice tube. Just dont want to go change line like I'm crazy.
  2. Hi there, I am have a problem with my 2015 chevy suburban the A/C not working right. The high side gauge not reading. Yes I check different gauge and the value core it work. I change compressor 2 time same problem. I can't locate the orifice tube. Help plz
  3. Hi flying Can you send a link I can see parts or video installation to understand more. Thanks
  4. Great thanks! That info looks like the same way I think my will run in the summer too. And you didn't experience no hard shifting or lagin to change the gear from the transmission. And how long ago you did the trans delete?
  5. It's 110 too cool for the transmission.
  6. Hi Siveradosid, I flipped the thermostat in my transmission line. Like you did in NJ its 40 degrees I drove my truck and the trans temperature is not passing 110 degrees. How about yours? what temperature ?is your running at.
  7. Great thanks. How many miles is there truck. How did you take out yours did you just remove it and the spring. I know where is Spring and the thermostat is like a housing will the oil still slow even out or is a baffle before its flow in and out.
  8. Hey All, I have a question. I want to remove my trans line thermostat. Will it be bad for the trans like running too cold I live in NJ. Why GM have a 190 degree thermostat is it for better performance. Is too cool an problem. I know too hot is but how bout.
  9. Hi I have a 2015 Suburban i want to change the trans cooler line its leaking. Any tips on how to go about doing this.
  10. Also opening the engine oil cover on the four start up listen to you see if you could see oil flowing spilling that means good oil pump or know your oil pump is working.
  11. Listen for the engine on the first startup if it's chattering chattering mean low oil pressure so it could be oil pump issue if there is no chattering electrical issue
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