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  1. Well GM did my final repair attempt under lemon law. They inspected it and said there was no more leak. Low and behold a week later we have a hard rain for a few hours and it is still leaking. I reopened my BBB auto line case and an awaiting an arbitration date with GM for them to repurchase the truck.
  2. Finally got some good pics of mine. Man this truck looks mean.
  3. Sometimes when I first get the tuck moving I get a clunk. If my arm is resting on the center console it feels like it coming from right below the center console. sometimes it happens right when I pull out of my driveway and sometimes it happens a few minutes later. It is not a consistent thing. any thoughts? It doesn’t happen at a specific speed or a specific gear or anything.
  4. Yes the window frame has been updated. It is a much thicker plastic now.
  5. That’s great that it’s holding. In my opinion it’s holding because the cracks are not the source of any of our leaks. Mine turned out to be a popped bubble in the body seam seal applied at the factory right under the spoiler. I think it is just a convenient coincidence for GM that the frames were cracking. the TsB never stops the leak because it does not address the true source of the leaks.
  6. Well the saga continues. Its still leaking water. Filed a BBB Auto Line complaint as well as started the lemon process with the state of FL
  7. Not at all. That piece is easy to remove and wrap
  8. It is 3M matte metallic red. I order the bulk film from fellers.com
  9. So we have finally found the source of the leak in my truck. I went to the service department yesterday to get an update and they took me back and showed me. on the line of body seam sealer that was applied at the factory by the robots which sits directly under the spoiler there was a air bubble in it that popped. This was filling with water and then leaking through the seam to the truck. You can see it in the attached pic. what they did was filled the void from the while with flexible dealer and then are also sealing it on the top also.
  10. I wrapped it without removing it. If you take your time its a piece of cake.
  11. I’m my opinion. If it doesn’t leak don’t change it and give it a reason to leak.
  12. They redesigned the frame and track for the slider window. The made the plastic thicker. The new design windows don’t seem to crack. Which is why people are realizing that the window frame is not the only source of water leaks. I got an update on my truck Friday and they said they have narrowed it down to the spoiler bolts in the middle behind the 3rd break light.
  13. You want to take over the payments on my 2020 LT Trail Boss? PM me if interested.
  14. If they do it obviously is not right since my truck has been back 4 times for it leaking lol
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