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  1. I have it and installed myself, wasn't too bad. It leaks a bit, but overall I've been happy with it.
  2. I installed my GM tri fold, think I may have commented back on it in this thread. Pretty easy, just have to drill through the upper plastic pieces along the edge, not the bed. They give you a little tool to help line it up. I think I rated it a 2-3 beer job.
  3. I've got the GMC soft tri fold and so far like it. It does leak a bit, but when talking to others, it sounds like a majority of them do to some extent. It was fairly easy to install, just had to drill some holes in upper plastic pieces and they give you tools to line it up easy, nothing drilled through bed. They had a latch recall, but that was fixed before I ordered mine.
  4. Dealer reset the codes and ran diagnostics, everything checked out fine, they said it was most likely a "glitch". Not sure how comfortable I feel with that diagnosis, but until it happens again, I guess I have to accept it...
  5. Less than 200 miles and the new AT4 is going in the shop... Got in the truck yesterday, started it up, put in reverse and it would not move. It seemed as if the electronic e-brake was on, but the PARK light was not lit. Put it in park and hit the e-brake button, then the PARK light came on and started flashing and I got a message stating "Service Parking Brake", wonderful. Turned car off, started back up, no more warning message and I was able to turn off the e-brake and reverse out of garage. Shortly there after I received two Onstar notifications, "iss
  6. I just took delivery of a 2020 AT4 carbon and my tailgate is a little out of alignment as well. It sticks up just a tad on the driver side and just a bit lower on the passenger side. I didn't get my tonneau cover yet, so hoping it doesn't cause issues. Anyone have any luck getting GM/dealer to do anything?
  7. Hi guys, new to the forum, have my 2020 AT4 carbon pro being delivered next week. With that I inquired with the dealer on tonneau cover options and the only one they provided was the $600 folding soft GM one. I ended up getting it for $400 with a Costco discount deal on the truck purchase, however they wanted $170 for installation. Seeing as I have a lot of time at home right now, I’m going to save the money and tackle it myself. Any tips/suggestions on installing the GM one? If it’s a pain, is it worth $170 for the install?
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