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  1. So glad that GM is sticking with physical switches when they should (volume, climate, heated seats, etc). I do think that having the tech package gauge cluster standard would go a long way towards modernizing the overall look of the interior, that little rectangular screen on the standard trucks looks very 2010. That said, I hate that the benchmark is the well-made but incredibly tacky ram interior that puts form way over function. I was surprised the Ram dealer wasn't throwing in some windex and a box of q-tips with every sale because that thing looked like a nightmare when it came to maintenance with the soon to be greasy screen and the seemingly hundreds of not that useful nooks and crannies in that truck.
  2. would love to hear a video of the AFE. My wife is very much enjoying the stock exhaust, and I am very much missing my duel flowmaster 40's on my old truck, so something in the middle would be awesome.
  3. Some features I liked noticed that I haven't seen posted - The windshield HUD in tech package equipped trucks can convert the speed limit sign to a bar graph that shows how far under (or over) the speed limit you are. To me this is a big improvement over the little speed limit sign and makes the HUD way more useful. Don't know if this will disappear when my onstar trial is up, but the myGMC app will tell you how many gallons are left in the tank under the vehicle status screen which can be handy. Also found that connecting the truck to my phone as a wifi hotspot enables all the downloadable apps on the head unit like spotify to work just fine which is nice if you have unlimited data and don't want to pay for the onstar service. Handy if you just want to throw your phone on the wireless charger and browse for music on the head unit without having to plug in for Android/Carplay.
  4. 2020 AT4, 6.2, Premium Package, Tech Package, Driver Alert 2, Off road steps, mats, mud guards, composite rear underseat storage in satin steel metallic for.... $54K + TTL. Basically paid invoice less the $6500 factory incentive which ended up being about $11K under MSRP. Under normal circumstances I would have tried to hammer them for some of the hold back too, but I had 5 trucks sell out from under me and there were maybe 20 trucks with the packages I wanted in a 250 mile radius.
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