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  1. Sort of what I was thinking, but normally see so many short answers on this particular forum so I just don't bother much.
  2. They seem to be still playing out the surround and towing camera system that I have yet to see work correctly. Maybe it is just my area or my experience, but we were told our 3500 HC could not come from the factory because of issues they have been having with it and have been since told that it cannot now not be added. Spent a good bit of money for this one and do not have cameras for the mirrors or bed ... fairly disappointed with GM's attention on this.
  3. There was a thread about relocating the camera and one about adding the system that only connects with the rearview mirror. Are you talking about the brake light that has 2 cameras? I have been wondering the same thing.
  4. Is it possible to add Intellibeam and Lane Assist (Notification) to a 2020 HC 3500? We had them both on our 2016 2500 and really liked having them and honestly didn't even think they were not on our new one until after we had it home 8(
  5. I was just getting around to Cerakoting my own 2020 3500 finally. We have been doing them for several months in our shop ... I don't know why they were never color matched!
  6. I am hoping to attempt to add this to ours along with the associated rearview mirror ... the closest dealer is not responsive at all. Eventually part lists will make it out of the internet I guess.
  7. Did you install yours? Which model did you get?
  8. I did not realize that the 16 would display them without the updated HMI.
  9. Definitely following ... would love to be able to add the cargo and trailer cameras to be able to view and of course have the unlocks. We have the 16 2500 and the camera capabilities were one of the reasons we were thinking of buying the new truck.
  10. We have been thinking about moving up to a 2500 from our 6.2L with Max Trailering, but really not seeing putting the extra $$ down for only 1k pounds from the rear hitch of difference. Like others have said, not too keen on towing anything up around that amount on a regular basis and stay would be staying under 11k at most. Is there any real legitimate reason to move up?
  11. I have a Mini 0805 that is rear facing and a G1WC that is mounted just in front of the rearview mirror. Love them ... I post "idiot driver" photos all the time on my fb that seems to be a hit ... haha
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