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  1. So far my dealer says they are unable to add that camera and sync with the factory head unit. I guess I find that hard to believe. May have to go aftermarket on this one. My wife is going to be pissed. lol
  2. Just picked up my 2020 LTZ diesel sticker was 71500 got it down to 63300. Military discount helped for about 4300$ worth.
  3. Yea I am looking at the brake light camera. It was hard finding a truck with that package in my area so I just pulled the trigger thinking I could always just add one. I have the dealer currently looking into it. I would think there must be a plug up in that outlet area and you can purchase the third brake like with camera OEM. I was hoping the dealer could just reprogram the camera system to allow that on my touchscreen like many models already have.
  4. Has anyone had any luck with buying a new 3rd brake light with camera and hooking into the system? For trucks that didn’t come with the bed camera option? Thanks!
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