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  1. More of just the blacked out front end. I wrapped cars for a couple years a while back so I think ill experiment with it and post it on here.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has made their K2XX look like the 2019 & 2020 Trail Boss? Any color truck but Black grille/Grille Surrounding/Bumper. My truck is white and wanted to know if anyone has pictures of this. I cant seem to find any online. Pictures would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. YES! Youve built what Im looking to do. Mine does have the transfer case floor shifter. My thought process with that is I wont be able to add the center console and ill have to keep the bench seat. Unless Im wrong. How large is the Alpine you put in? and why did you decide to go with that one? Whats your wheel and tire set up? Do you have pictures? The only place we differ is the dipped in paint look. I love that style IMO.
  4. I need to get on and check. Really like the brown leather option in the High Country. Would be amazing if I can find that. Also thought about going with a set of KatzKin... Not really sure which way to go.
  5. Thank you for the reply! Thats a really interesting point... I appreciate the opposing view! Im a huge fan in DIY projects, and I figured this would be a great base for one.. but maybe your right. I know Ill do little things here and there. Only changing a few aesthetic things on the exterior for me will be a must have. But using this as more of an equity base for something even better... Interesting.
  6. Well Shoot. It has the 7inch screen in it right now. What would be a good starting point for the Interior? Im assuming that the exterior will be easier to knock out, so I plan on doing a few things there first.
  7. I had an idea it was going to be this expensive, but the deal I got on this truck was incredible. Bought it from an Oil & Gas company that needed to sell off some of its assets. Even if I threw 5 to 7 grand into it, it would still be more expensive to buy a used LTZ. And I get a project to keep me busy.
  8. Phil, Thank you. All this information really helps!
  9. Hey Yall, Im brand new to the forum but not to the brand. Ive been a Chevy guy my whole life and just now reaching out to the community to get some helpful advice. I JUST bought a 2018 Silverado WT (5th Silverado Ive owned). I got an extremely good deal on it and was looking to throw some cash since I saved so much on the purchase. I wanted to start with the exterior before tackling the interior. It has the black WT trim bumper and grille on it currently. Wondering how much work it takes to swap it for the higher trim bumper packages? Looking for reliable vendors, parts, etc. Besides replacing the wheels, tires, and mirrors, I believe that is all I will need to make the exterior look like the LTZ package (High Country Maybe?), but any more tips and hints will be great. Are there any threads on swapping the interior? Bucket seat conversion, Entertainment console, Center console, Door panels, audio system, the whole 9 yards. Also looking for threads on leveling kits with tire size and what not. So if there are any helpful threads please let me know.
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