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  1. Also, can't tell what engine you have, but I haven't found a winch plate or bumper replacement for the diesel engine that works. I emailed Fabfours about it and they said the extra intercooler for the diesel engine sits lower than the gas and when they put the winch plate in, the computer threw some fault codes about lack of airflow/cooling.
  2. I like it because it's very low profile. No wind noise from inside the cab with it empty. I pre-purchased the Overland Pro's Wraptor 6k 270 degree awning. They're backordered right now. I like this one because it can stand alone in non-windy conditions and I can set up and tear down by myself. They have a 270 degree 4k that's the normal 270 degree awning, the 6k has an extra piece that unfolds towards the front of the vehicle. I figured this would help cover more usable real estate by the doors since our trucks are long compared to 4runners/wranglers etc. The con is that it is hea
  3. I installed a Prinsu Universal Topper Roof Rack on my Snugtop truckbed topper last week. Mounts great on the rhino rack rails the snugtop dealer put on. Very sturdy. Here's a video I took showing what it looks like. I'm looking to mount an awning, fishing rod holder, kayak, and maybe a yakima skybox or similar. Also to carry extra diesel and recovery tracks. Might not all fit, so might have to get another rack over the cab.
  4. That's awesome! They put out great content on youtube. Very entertaining. Next time you see them, let them know to keep up the great work, from a random guy on the GM forums, haha.
  5. The biggest issue I'm seeing is that none of the aftermarket bumpers fit diesel models. I'm guessing there's additional cooling unit or something in that space where the winch would go.
  6. I saw the coolest setup imho by American Adventure Labs with their lower height RTT and their ATLAS RTT leveling system. Not sure if they are actually in production, but saw it on some SEMA and some youtube videos (Lite Brite "Foster Child" gladiator truck build). This is the best of both worlds in my opinion. Too bad they probably don't make it for the 1500's. It's annoying how much more accessories are made for Jeeps/Toyotas....
  7. I went from a 2008 Toyota Tundra DC 5.7L TRD to a 2020 GMC sierra 1500 SLT with the 3.0L diesel. Night and day difference. I too was waiting for the newer Tundra but after 12 years, I just didn't want to wait any longer. I also had some issues with the Tundra I won't get into here. Onto the differences! Ride quality and driveability: The ride quality of the 1500 is much smoother and feels more planted than the tundra did. Also the 1500 feels much more nimble in handling. Feels like driving a smaller vehicle. The engine and transmission are much more sensitive, downshifting is quick
  8. I found the video you were talking about. That looks great on his truck. Does seem like it'll take some decent fabrication work (he did say he was a professional fabricator). Please update us on if the 2018 frame is similar to the newer T1xx and if we could possibly use the 14-18 rough country hidden winch mount. That would be awesome if it would get us mostly there with some modifications if necessary.
  9. I have fished a lot in the pacific ocean, not sure where you're at, but charter boats are normally not great, especially for first time/new people. They're mostly out to make a quick buck. I would look at smaller private guide services. Usually cost more, but should have an overall better experience and will have better one on one fishing guidance, which would be especially important if both of you haven't fished before. Goodluck!
  10. I'm in the same desire to overland my truck. For camping/roadtrips with the fam and also hunting/fishing with possible sleeping in the bed of the truck. My current setup: - 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT - Diesel - silver - Snugtop Truck topper - Method Race Wheels 17" - Model 308 Roost in Matte Black - (barely fit break calipers) - Falken Wildpeak AT3W P285/70/R17 - Timber land use required items: Shovel, fire extinguisher, water etc. - offbrand maxtraxx style recovery boards To be installed: - Prinsu design universal rack on the topper
  11. I had this same issue happen yesterday! 2020 Sierra 1500 SLT with 3.0l diesel. 800 miles on it. Once it stopped clicking, like 5 seconds long, I tried it again and it started. Very unsettling...
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