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  1. All fixed for now, was an oil solenoid on the #4 cylinder. Also made a deal on ‘21 Tundra so this truck is going down the road. GM lost a very faithful customer.
  2. Had a lifter go and bent rod at 35,000 km’s so they only replaced the one side. Since they have fixed it I have a couple instances where the engine light will flash for a short period and go off. Apparently it means a misfire? So it’s going back into the dealer to address that if they can figure it. I have no faith in this truck and definitely not one you would drive past warranty. Already shopping for another brand. Was really hoping to drive this for several years….
  3. Do you happen to have the part numbers for everything you had to buy so you didn’t have to pull the factory struts apart? Thinking of doing the same on mine and not bother messing with the pulling the factory ones apart. thanks
  4. I’m new here but have been doing a lot of looking for about the last year…. Anyways I wonder have any of you compared the 6112 to the 5100 in the front? Comparing the 6112 to the factory will be a huge upgrade obviously, but is it over the 5100 if you drive paved roads most of the time like the OP stated? I’ve run the 6112’s with 5100 in the rear on my previous F-150 but on this truck I’m wondering if the 5100’s will provide the same outcome? I’ve also been tossing around putting the Eibach springs on the 5100.
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