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  1. 20x10 -18 offset 4” ReadyLift SST 35x12.50x20 nitto ridge grappler
  2. This is how I cut my mid mud flaps after pulling the liner back. I still rub a tad though. I’ll need to either do more trimming or try and pull it back a little more
  3. Fuel Rebels 20x10 (w/ -18) 35x12.50x20 Nitto Ridge Grappler.
  4. Lift is in, tires are in, but they shipped 3 wheels . 4th should be here today so I have to wait until Monday to install.
  5. Is there a trimming/cutting/tucking/zip tying guide floating around any where? Or video tutorials for mud flaps etc? I found this: https://wheelsasap.com/gmc-at4-oversized-tire-trimming-guide/ But I've read that GMC is slightly different than Chevy. Thanks,
  6. @topgear1224 I don’t plan on doing much off-road with this. I have a RZR for that . i ordered the 20x9 fuel rebels with 35x12.50x20 ridge grapplers. Should be installed weds or Thursday. I’ll post pics
  7. Has anyone attempted to put 35x12.50x20 on their truck with this lift? The wheels I am looking at are 20x9 with a 1 offset or 20x10 with a -18. But ReadyLift says 20x9 0 Offset and 35x11.50. I'm assuming that requires no cutting or fabricating? I think wider is better (obviously not always the case) but its hard for me to visualize the 20x9 and 1 offset. How much poke would it have? How much cutting/fabricating would I have to do to get the 20x10 and 35/12.50's?
  8. @Dirtbiker Thank you. I looked at fuel's website and they show 20x9 is either a +1 or +20. But the 20x10's go to a -18. @BlackRST Did you do a lift or is that stock?
  9. @loud_pipes I just realized you're running at 12.50 tire. So you have no rub issues? From what I was told I needed a 20x9 and an 11.50 tire. On 35's, maybe thats the difference?
  10. Beautiful truck, thank you for your help and the images help a ton!!
  11. I love this look and aggressive stance. How do I accomplish this look with 35's and a 4" lift. Thanks!!
  12. What up peeps. So I am new to the lift game and I am having trouble going back and forth between lift kits and wheel size. I've seen the sticky wheel post and the tire size but I haven't found what I am looking for so I was hoping to get your help from your experience. There is just so much to consider when you look at lift high, wheel size/width, off set, back spacing. I am looking for that 'just right" look. I have a 2019 Iridescent Pearl White high country 6.2l 4WD and I want to put 35's on it. I was looking at the ReadyLift 4" SST kit with 35x11.50x20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on 20x9 Bronze Fuel Rebels. The ReadyLift Kit says 0 offset but the 20x9 wheels come in 1 or 20 offset. I dont want the tires tucked in the wheel well. I am ok with them sticking out a tad bit. Do I need spacers? Do I go 20x10 and cut? I've seen the black one that custom offset did with 20x10 and 33's with a -18 offset on 2.5 lift. What is the feedback around the ReadyLift Kit? I considered the 6" kit to get 12.50 tires and 20x10 wheels but I ruled that out because I figured the 6" would give to much wheel gap between wheel and fender. I know everyones experience is a little different but I appreciate all feedback. I've read where the ReadyLift kit is good and I've read where the geometry doesnt add up and your CV's are put in jeopardy. Just looking for some guidance.
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