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  1. Hello, yes much the same. Bought a 2020 Sierra 3500 AT4 SRW to haul my truck camper. Love the truck, BUT...., shocked when after taking the tailgate off that all the cameras became in operational and every time I signal the dashboard screen cuts out and displays a warning symbol 'no camera'. Huge disappointment. I have been dealing with the dealership directly. Surprised that they had no idea this happens. Anyways, took it to them yesterday to have a look. They concluded that I need to buy GM part #84679989 Harness. They said that if I plug this in it will complete the electrical series and all the cameras "should" work. About a $150.00 part. I haven't ordered it yet but will and really hope that this is the remedy. Has anyone tried this yet?? Also, somebody in this stream mentioned about their rear camper lights flashing ever few minutes or so when plugged into the truck. I have the same issue. The dealership said that because it is a new camper with LED lights the load draw is quite minimal and therefore the truck senses this and flashes a warning. They told me the fix to this is a simple connector, approx. $15 part. The part is a Pollack Heavy Duty 7-Way Connector Plug, either #12-706 or 12-702. Has anyone tried this??
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