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  1. Yikes! That’s pretty steep considering it’s a $2000 kit. You going to post pics of your setup?
  2. This is extremely helpful? Do you have pictures? Why do you want to get rid of the ARC if you don;t mind me asking? Thanks in advance
  3. There are two kits for the Denalis w/ ARC. A uniball kit (approx $1K) and the standard ball joint ($650) . The cheaper one says OEM wheels cannot be used, but I don't know if that means the 20's or the 22's...
  4. Let me know what you think of it. What did they quote you to get it installed?
  5. Did you have to do any trimming? Any pics when you're at full lock? Thanks in advance
  6. Team, I need your help! I have a 2019 Denali w/ the adaptive ride control (ARC). It's been very hard to come by lift kits and the price seems to vary wildly. I want to lift my truck so I can fit up to 285/55R22 size tires (34 x 11.5) on the stock rims. If my logic is flawed please point that out to me as well. Rough Country and Fabtech advertise a 3.5" option that appears minimal and the most affordable at $530 and $760 respectively. Then comes in Cognito and BDS 4" options at $2000+!!! Reviews are hard to come by, so I'm seeking recommendations on any of these options both positive or negative. Also, if anyone has already installed some of these on their Denali, please post some pictures along with what size tires you have. Thanks in advance! I appreciate any and all help!
  7. @Wurgs, do you have a lift on your denali? Apparently the AT4 has a stock 2" lift the denali doesn't and I thought maybe that would create some rub potential.
  8. Cylon, That setup looks great! Thanks for the info! That pretty much settles the fact that I want those tires now.
  9. wurgs, thanks for the reply! Did you use the stock 22" rims that are on the 2019 denali or did you go aftermarket? Could I see a picture? Thanks!
  10. I see a lot of topics regarding 18” rim or 20” but none in the 22” range. I was hoping to do some Nittos size 285/50R22 whereas the stock tire is a 275/50R22. Will the increase in size make clearance to avoid cutting on my truck?
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