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  1. He everyone. I have a 2015 GMC Denali with 6.2. and for my first 30 days, I love it! but, At 110 k I just lost the engine, I purchased it at 108K. Was cruising down highway at around 65 when all of a sudden the engine wanted to die, would not tach up, even when trying to give it gas is continued to decelerate, I thought for sure it was the fuel pump. I watched the oil pressure drop to almost nothing when I pulled over on side of road. It would not start even though it would crank. Mechanic said engine is toasted. I just purchased 30 days ago from small car dealer. It will start but the motor knocks, squeaks and will not idle of course. The only info I have about the history is it was extremely well maintained, oil changes every 5-6 k. It had a code in the computer history saying it had a problem with "crankshaft sensor" recently. Dealer had know idea what this was and said to me don't worry, I will stand by engine if something happens. It did have the occasional acceleration smoothness problem that we all experience with the V4/8 fuel system, I understood that the hesitation does have something to do with the crank sensor issue". I also heard that it had one broken valve spring that was replaced a month before I purchased. Can someone please help with what you think happened here? I'm absolutely demanding a new GM crate engine to be put in, love the vehicle. need advise on what to do here. Bob from Ma.
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