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  1. the fact they even sell something that has a ton of problems is not worth anyone’s money. They should have never sold it in the first place. Terrible customer service and lies. That don’t deserve a penny from anyone
  2. I would just wait until PAC audio comes out with something. I have Hertz speakers and added a 10” JL sub and it sounds good. Not as good as when the POS NAV unit was working. I removed the NAV unit and had the Bose amp reinstalled because of constant issues. My installer is having issues with another of their units in a new Ford as well. I can guarantee a lot of headache if you buy the NAV unit. I do have to turn the bass down on my stereo and adjust my sub to make it optimal. Also now that I have rear tweeters, I can fade to the back a little to help. We have very expensive trucks that come with a crappy system. Fords and Dodge are the same. I bought a dream truck and had the hope of a great stereo, but spending 4K only made my headache worse. My installer gave me $2100 back for my JL amp and the NAV unit. So now at $1900, I’m way better than stock and waiting patiently for another company to solve the puzzle....
  3. This is cool but doesn’t do anything with the Bose speakers that don’t really have sound from the rear. I added the NAV unit, JL amp with DSP and Hertz component speakers with Audison in the dash. Sounded awesome except the NAV unit is a POS and never works properly. Back to stock Bose amp, new speakers and a JL 10. Having separate tweaters in back helps. It’s decent until another company comes out with something to take the signal to the amp besides NAVTv. Do not buy their product. They will continue to lie and say it’s an update issue. My installer did updates and set it up with RCA’s and it still Turns off for no reason
  4. Do not buy the NAVTv unit. It doesn’t not work. Or it will work temporarily then shut off. You can’t use Toslink with out static. Do not believe their claims of it being resolved. I ended up taking out my new JL amp with processor because the thing would never work as it should. They screwed me and my installer. They knew well that there’s an issue but had us chasing our tail. The last straw was it completely turned off after the update. Some guys are adding a switch to restart to unit. If you think that is acceptable, go ahead. I now have all new speakers ran by the Bose amp and a JL 10 that has its own. It’s sounds much better than stock but not as good as a properly tuned stereo. When the NAV unit worked my radio was awesome some it was always short lived. I have Hertz door speakers with components and Audison dash speakers. Having tweakers in the back helps a lot. Also having a bass controller helps. If I were you, I’d wait until someone comes out with something better and stick with the Bose amp for everything but the sub. read through this and you will see everyone is having issues. I’d like to ring Bob’s neck at NAVTv because he’s such a liar. Good luck!
  5. Nav Tv is the biggest piece of ******. I’m having to go back to the stock Bose amp because they sold us something that doesn’t work no matter what you do. I switched fromToslink to RCA. Worked for a few days and now I have nothing. I’m over it. We’ve done all their updates. They don’t work. Do Not Use NAV TV
  6. I have a 2020 2500 Denali. Spent a crap ton of money on a new speaker system because I wasn’t happy with the stock one. All the sound comes from the 2 tiny dash speakers. Bose did a terrible job. Now I have this NAV Tv unit to process the signal and it is horrible. It cuts off or gets static depending on how it’s feeling. They have no solution for the issues. They told me to switch to RCA’s because the TOLINK is having issues. Well this morning I don’t have sound again. We even replaced the amp to make sure. This is complete BS. I would have stuck with the stock stereo had I known this would happen. I now have a 75,000 dollar truck without a stereo. Do not upgrade your new truck until some other company comes out with a signal processor.
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