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  1. Just an update. A new radio was installed late last week and seems to have cured any and all problems I had been having, happy days!! Glad it didn't take six months.
  2. I think your wasting your time Landon, just put him on ignore, he is not worth dealing with.
  3. If you read the comment again, maybe, you may have the same opinion I did, that he had already taken the truck to the dealer about the malfunctioning radio. "will be taking this back to the nearest dealership, under warranty work." Maybe you just jumped to a conclusion that wasn't there.
  4. Do any other 2020 6.6 gassers sound like the power steering pump came off of a 1995 Ford pickup besides mine LOL had that exact thought maybe a week ago. Hadn't noticed that ford p/u whine before that time. truck has 2500 km on it now, I noticed the sound at or around 1500 to 1800 km. My first thought was I hoped gm hadn't found an old stash of ford PS pumps and used em up on these trucks. I have never heard that whine from a chev before.
  5. Having a radio problem also, mine is running such that a change in program no matter what it is, volume, fan control, application changes all take 5 to 15 seconds to respond even a simple button press could take awhile to get a response. Bluetooth to telephone will pick up all my contacts and tells me it is good for calls in and out but the phone will not receive or send calls. Android auto will work sometimes for some things, the term intermittent comes to mind. The unit has been checked at the dealership and was hooked up to GM Tech. so they could look at the problem. GM claims they have not seen that problem before. Their conclusion was defective radio and a replacement is on order, of course they are on Back Order at the factory, go figure. Dealership is telling me in other vehicles, with bad radios, they have waited up to 6 months for a replacement. Not something I wanted to hear on a new truck. Oh, I guess I should have asked for davester's permission to post this first, seeing he is leaving the impression that there is something wrong about posting a problem because that's exactly what warranty is for and by golly he is a Senior Enthusiass.
  6. Had the same thing happen a couple days ago from 2nd to 1st on a very slow deceleration. Trucks 3 weeks old about 1500 miles. Previous 3/4 ton I owned had the 6l with 6speed I would get a similar reaction sometimes on slow decel. The new 6 speed has been beefed up slightly with a heavier spring pack and clutches according to some info from GM I ran into somewhere. So, that and the unit being new and still learning may be the issue, time will tell.
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