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  1. interesting, I get mine back tomorrow it’s been in since Monday they said it was a bad module and that there is a new recent update said they updated the system too.
  2. Wish I could’ve nothing wants to pop up now it’s a dead brick in driveway, 2020 1500 rst 4800 miles on it. Keep reading UBEC bolts not tight enough has been the issue for a lot of people with electrical issues
  3. Welp went to go start it today and won’t start dead battery and every service message you can think of popped up
  4. Well took it in and they were confused Saturday’s is usually for oil changes only so than why did you schedule me today?.... they’ll look at it Monday and diagnose it they think it’s more complex than just a battery issue they want to keep it for the day and go over it all
  5. Let me know what they say because All of the above is what mine is doing plus auto stop has stopped working too
  6. Mine would come on all the time when not running ac and here and there when ac was on. Yeah I think same way but I did notice it dropped some on my mpg today when doing normal city driving errands gym etc. where the auto stop comes on at almost every light we’ll not today. See what they say Saturday since I got auto stop and infotainment issues
  7. Mine stopped working yesterday but already had appt. at dealer for infotainment screen blank I’m thinking it’s a battery issue guess I’ll find out Saturday
  8. Auto stop has quit working today and noticed truck took a little more hmph to start today thinking it’s a battery for sure which sucks and weird for only being 3 months off lot
  9. Guess that’s what I’ll be getting Saturday morning when I go to dealer
  10. Another post said it was a battery going bad so guessing that will be it
  11. This just started for me yesterday only time it comes on is if I get in and start without remote. Also is your on star button red when you remote start? Have you had a solution to it yet? I have an app on Saturday for mine let’s see what they say
  12. Thinking that’s what it is noticed on star is disabled too and auto stop works less. I have app Saturday morning let’s see what they say
  13. Let me know what you hear from your dealer I’m afraid to even let mine sit over night now it just started for me today after a trip to the store
  14. Any update on this from any of you about the solution? My 2020 Silverado under 4K miles just started doing this today. If I remote start the screen will stay black but if I just use regular push to start it comes on.... calling dealer tomorrow to see if they know of it. Also mine says no update
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