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  1. Nov 2020 Update - I reached out to Chevy and they told me I had to take the truck in to a shop to diagnose the issue. I brought my truck to the closest Chevy Dealership and within an hour they reported there was a failed safety switch in the shift lock control system. This failed safety switch in the shifter assembly required a full replacement of the shifter assembly as I was told it was integral to the assembly. The dealership had this part in stock and were able to complete the repair within another hour. Since the truck was out of warranty, this was an out of pocket expense totaling
  2. My key is becoming stuck in the ignition in my 2016 Chevy Colorado while the truck is in park. The vehicle registers it is in park and the engine shuts off, but on many instances the key will not release. I've seen some other's post on this issue, but not a clear solution. Does anyone have a known corrective action for this issue? Is this an original part manufacturing non-conformance that presents after certain mileage? My truck is at ~40,000 miles.
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