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  1. yes...after removal tested it on the countertop tester... it tested bad... installed new one... charged battery completely... checked with amp meter a big fat 0 draw with everything turned off... i am happy... cause it was scaring me that i'd have to spend more money than the truck is worth...
  2. SOLVED.... the issue was the alternator... the rectifier was faulty and allowing backflow... *(yayy advance auto budget alternator) also added 2nd ground cable for good measure...
  3. aftermarket radio but no steering wheel controls are anything of the sort... even went as far as unplugging the entire fuse box in the dash... still nothing stopped the draw...
  4. as it says i have a weird parasitic draw on a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 with 5.3L battery when shut off. i have done the parasitic draw tests 3 times now. twice with a multi-meter and once with a test light. it shows a draw of 11.5-12a while shut off key removed doors closed no lights or accessories running. removed ground wires *(2 heavy gauge ground wires) and tested with multi-meter. while watching the meter every single fuse was pulled and reinserted with no difference in draw. all relays were also removed and reinserted also with no difference in draw load. my brother and i are both industrial electricians but DC is wildly different than AC. the 130A alternator was put new today long with a new battery. the only thing i can think of at this point is possibly a faulty ignition switch that is passing current to something... but once again i've checked all fuses and relays and nothing changes anything.. any ideas would be appreciated.
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