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  1. LOVE my shadow grey still! Love how much the color changes with different lighting/angles.
  2. Excuse the dirty truck. Stock height with CK160s and 285/45/22 tires.
  3. I do, fitment is fine. I've only had it on about a week though, so can't really attest to durability yet.
  4. Here is an option: https://www.ecoological.com/store/p76/2019-2020-Silverado-1500-Grille-Overlay.html
  5. Does anyone know what size spacer I'll need to fit the CK160 wheels on my 2020? The company that sent me the wheels said 1/4" would be enough but its not clearing the front calipers.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Would the Stahl ones require modifications? I've been seeing people are having the modify the studs on the smaller hub centric spacers.
  7. Looking for recommendations on good wheel spacers. I am only needing 1/4" spacer. Whats everyone using?
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