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  1. I'm considering the GM 2 inch lift but it seems a bit expensive. Are the aftermarket alternatives for a 2 inch lift, including a 2 inch level plus 1 inch block in the back. really that much lower quality that the cost is worth it? I like the ideal of the factory warranty and all the components but want to make sure I'm not missing something.
  2. @andrewb24 Thanks for the info. I think thats about where mine will end up. Seems pretty close to what I"m looking for.
  3. What was the difference between the front and back height from the factory? My 2020 RST seems to only have a 1 inch drop in the front. (From the ground to the top of the fender is 37.5" front and 38.5" rear) I was considering going with the 2 inch Ready Lift in the front and a 1 inch block in the rear to keep it level. It seems like the rake seems to differ from truck to truck.
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