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  1. Mine's doing the same thing on the passenger front seat floor at the outside edge of the carpet. I just had the windshield replaced but see no sign of water from the windshield. I even put a towel on the floor to catch any water draining to the floorboard but it's dry as a bone. Any help is appreciated.
  2. The manual states the following. My '03 6.0L gives 35-40psi at 700rpm to 50psi when cruising at about 2000 rpm.
  3. You should be able to contact your state "Department of Transportation" or "Bureau of Auto Repair" regarding these scumbags and their ILLEGAL manipulation of your mileage. That should release you from liability, then contact the "Department of Motor Vehicles" and get a sticker or change to the registration as suggested by tbarn.
  4. ACDelco 36P1374 Professional Remanufactured through Amazon. I got one for $110 with a $35 check when core returned, so $75. I would not get any other brand, but there are others out there, i.e. Borgeson. Magnefine 3/8" Magnetic Inline Filter through Amazon. $26 and worth it's weight in Gold. Can be placed on the PS return line or the Hydroboost return line. I put mine on the Hydroboost return line but the pressure seems to need a little time to build up when first starting. Buy only this one, no others compare and not worth saving money on. Flush and fill with good Power Steering Fluid, don't use ATF. I know everyone says it's the same stuff, but it's about the same price and it's clear and shows dirt better. Also, GM recommends it.
  5. That's an amazing amount of gunk in the pan for less that 300,000 miles. I suggest worn bearings and a complete rebuild. The oil galleys in the block may be blocked, and there is a rear oil galley plug that can cause problems. Good luck with this.
  6. Sorry to hear you're taking your vehicle to the dealer for repairs. No, the steering box is not the reason the wheel isn't straight, the components they replaced aren't adjusted correctly, probably the tie rod ends. This is because the dealer's mechanic didn't do a thorough job or they're trying to rip you off. Dealers make their money through repairs, not the sale of cars. Only take your truck to the dealer for warranty repairs or recalls. Find a respectable shop for any other repairs. My naive friend took his car into the dealer for a minor repair. He got a call from them about the cooling system fluid being green, that it needed to be flushed and replaced. Of course he said go ahead and do it, so he ended up getting a new water pump, hoses, belt and new fluid, which is or course... green. I think it cost him $800 for "repairs" not related to the original problem.
  7. That's a 10.5" ring gear. You can tell by the shape of the cover and the bolts at the very top and bottom. Another characteristic is the shape of the differential carrier, which is what you have. The 10.5" is a great differential and plentiful. The 11.5" cover and bolt pattern is not as regular as yours, the bolt holes aren't all in a straight line like yours are.
  8. I like BFG and have used them for 20 years without any issues. For overall pickup truck use: BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 For serious towing: BFG Commercial T/A Traction For my stock 2003 GMC K2500HD I just mounted a set of 265/75R16s on the PY0 rims. 3400 lb rating per tire. This 32 inch tall 10 inch wide tire is great in the snow and not too loud on the freeway.
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