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  1. Sorry for the confusion, the way I read the appearance guard contract pretty much anything you add to the paint can void the appearance warranty. They want you to use the products they give you and to wax/seal the truck at least twice a year, which I normally do anyway. I dislike the car wash and interior protector they give you so I use my normal Chemical Guys. Shhhh don't tell them lol.
  2. I was just having this conversation with someone else and I drive an 89 Full size Jimmy most of the time for the simplicity. HOWEVER my wife loves her bells and whistles so we ended up with a 2020 SLT and I have been dealing with the gremlins ever since. Like the OP I am ready to take a hit on a trade and I have had ongoing issues with park assist. It waits until you are onto of something and then goes off all at once if your lucky or like my wife actually tap something in a truck with less than 1,000 miles on it. To make matters worse the forward collision has went of a couple times locking up the breaks on interstate and last night locking up because it though there was a pedestrian infant of me. Luckily there has been no one around when this has happened. I have had other issue with the "safety features" and have taken it to the dealer and all they will tell me is if we can't replicate it we can't fix it BS.
  3. You are not alone. My 2020 SLT picks up chips and scratches if you look at it funny. Luckily the dealer has been repairing them for free. I drove a loner Buick while they had my Truck, repairing paint, and I noticed that it was covered with rock chips. Must be a bad year for paint. You can ask the dealer for paint as well, sometimes theirs match a little better.
  4. I have a 2020 SLT in the Dark Blue and the paint sucks, picks ups chips and scratches if you look at it wrong. I can say I am glad I made them add the protection package to my contract for free, which they are already regretting I am sure since they had had to repair several chips and scratches. The plastic films are nice when they work but you need to be careful it doesn't void your warranty if you have the protection package. My dealership will give you touchup paint that match a better than the stuff I have tried from autoparts stores. The Needle trick works like a charm.
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