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  1. OK , this is how my radio blacks out all the time USB connected application on phone launches everything gets hot screen blacks out android/apple either cable attached to phone.(10 plus times with a new display/radio installed) Hint: attach your truck to your home WiFi that way it auto-updates all the time. The receiver is like a cellphone looking for towers for signal if you have the 4glte service equipment install. Settings Wifi see your home WiFi signal select it then input your WiFi password then your truck will be connected to your home WiFi for updates and service diagnostics.
  2. Make sure you go to Chevrolet directly to make the appointment here is the direct text number i used for the appointment Chevrolet direct support number via text 62836 (have your Vin ready for fastest service.)
  3. Do you have the 8 inch or 7 inch display ? Make sure you record the issues if you can because they try to use a logging system that records after 1 minute time frame for system failures not seconds in which most of the failures were 16 to 25 seconds.
  4. I left My 2020 Custom 4 four times in the last year at dealership for radio repairs. Repairs so far in year 1 and 4 months 1st reset radio (black in three weeks) 2nd reset the radio update the radio (black screen after two weeks ) 3rd Replaced the radio after sitting there for 3 weeks and soon as i rolled of the lot shuts off goes black. 4th Reset the radio again ( requested a full radio upgraded and waiting on the response now ) Frustrated is not even the word for it! https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2020/gm-infotainment-system-problems-lawsuit.shtml
  5. I have a 2020 Custom crew cab with 7 inch screen , I just had it since august 16 times he radio has failed on me 4glte , direct usb connection andriod or apple. i brought to the dealer twice for it. The second time the radio erased everything while they where working on it and then asked me if i had another car to drive ,because the need to call gm and rip the entire dash off to check all cables,connections and box under the glove box. They dont know how long i will be without it.
  6. My 2020 does this when it rains also . Can you test out if your truck for the following settings. put your truck in 4x2 or 4x4 and see if the sounds comes then put it back into 4x2 and see the sound is present .
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