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  1. Yes just turn the cone with a philipps. I don’t remember which direction was up or down, I just aimed them at my garage door at night to figure it out
  2. Looks like a little different setup for the Sierra but I’m glad you found it
  3. until I figure out how to add a picture to my post, here’s a link to the image I took this morning. I looked a little closer and it’s a Phillips down in the bottom of the cone. Good luck all
  4. Drove mine cross country and back when I first got it, about 7k miles on that trip. Averaged 17.7 current mostly local driving averaging about 14
  5. Not sure if the Sierra is the same as Silverado, but on mine if you look straight down behind the headlights inside the hood the is a white nylon cone about 1-1/2” in diameter. At the bottom of the cone is a small slot for a bit (I can’t remember if it is a torx or Allen type). Turning the cone raises or lowers your headlights, mine was really easy to do
  6. If you look straight down behind the headlines the is a white nylon cone shaped piece. I can’t remember exactly what fitting it takes, (tore) but that adjusts your headlights up and down. Super easy to do. And for Diyer2, ever heard of the old saying if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all?
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