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  1. I just added a similar setup to my 2019 6.0 2500hd today at 40089 miles. Used 6an stainless braided lines to replace the crossover pipe between the radiator and cooler, and mounted the filter mount behind the front bumper on the passenger side. Took about three hours with beer breaks to get it done lol. Sorry for the low light pictures it’s dark out now after riding around to check for no leaks. Pretty much got everything from Summit except for filter and quart of tranny fluid from Napa. Going to run it until next oil change and then see how the fluid cleaned up maybe cut the filter open if I
  2. I am looking at doing this as well as adding and external spin on filter, just a few questions. 1 what size thread is the fittings on the diesel transmission cooler 2 what size thread are the fittings on the gas transmission cooler 3 what size thread is the fitting on the radiator that the pipe to the cooler is? I plan on doing AN lines and would like to have all the fittings I need before I tear it apart. Thanks in advance for the response.
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