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  1. Well...gave up and traded mine away. 7 months after my last repair, the dealer says "labor warranty is only 90 days. Part failure warranty is 1 year. You'll have to come in and let us see which one it is. You're out of warranty at 38000, so you'll have to pay for the leak check and the repair if it isn't a part failure." After my $11000 check from GM and the trade allowance, I essentially paid $2000 to drive it for 2.5 years. Can't say I was sorry to see it go. Too many first year issues. Hope you guys get your leaks resolved. Stay on top of them and if you have more than 4 repair attempts, I recommend hiring a lemon lawyer and sending a demand letter to GM. I used a reputable firm out of Mobile, AL. Not hard to find one on Google. Took about 5 months, but I did get paid eventually.
  2. The way I understand it, the entire back glass is encased in a plastic ring. This plastic is easily cracked while installing. My theory is any, and I do mean any, body flex will crack this plastic ring too. It's been April since my last update. Quick summary Purchased in March 2019 First leak 1 week after purchase. Dealer reset spoiler Second leak in Aug 2020. Dealer remove and reseal existing glass Third leak in Jan 2021. Dealer remove and reset the spoiler Fourth leak in Feb 2021. Dealer found over-torqued spoiler bolts and damage to spoiler mounts. Replaced all mounts Filed complaint through lawyer to GM. Fifth leak in Apr 2021. Dealer ordered new back glass. Siliconed the entire top glass. Leak tested for 24 hours in spray booth. No leaks but they forgot to reattach the 3rd brake light so had to disassemble and reassemble everything GM said 'Sorry' with a fat check in Aug. I wish they had just given me a refund. Nov 2021: leaking again from a new spot. And of course the entire service dept has changed over in the last 7 months and they're wanting to start over from step 1 with a 3rd party leak detection company. I'm so done with this truck. Anyone want it? I'll make you a good deal.
  3. So after 3 days of regular mixed driving about town...some interstate, some downtown, lots of 55-65 mph stop and go highways...I've averaged 15 mpg. The Toyos are heavier than the little Wranglers I took off, so I guess it should be expected. I won't know long trip mpg until next month when I have to drive to Orlando.
  4. So far avg says about 1 mpg less. Given the speedo is off about 1 mph, that could be the reason. Honestly, I haven't driven but about 50 miles since I put them on. Chillin and grillin all weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow so I'll get a good sense on in town mpg this week.
  5. Pic from 2019 before the Rhino-lined lower and steps. Towed this 21 ft Tahoe from DC to Huntsville. Didn't even know it was back there.
  6. Not too loud. Definitely not as loud as a pure mud tire, but just slightly louder than BFG KO2s. They may quiet down after a few miles to break them in. I will say they have a stiff sidewall. Much harder feel going over speed bumps at 33 psi. Could be that my Wranglers were wore out too.
  7. The Yokos are 1” taller than the 265 Wranglers, at least to the calculator below. Speed difference varies as speed increases.
  8. GPS shows 51 mph at 50 mph speedometer indicated. I can live with that.
  9. Side by side comparison of the factory vs the Yokohamas
  10. Finally pulled the trigger on new tires today. Went from the factory 265/65/18s to 285/65/18 Yokohama Geolandar X-AT. My son got them at his shop at a great price. Great fit on the stock 18s with a Rough Country level.
  11. Somebody needs to be let go for that shite. I would have lost it.
  12. So my saga may have finally ended... After the 5th repair attempt, it is NOT leaking. They replaced the entire back glass and remounted the spoiler again. After major rain here all day, it bone dry in the cab. I did check the glass install and it's level and square. The only different thing that I can see is a bead of clear sealant was run between the top of the glass and the cab frame. You wouldn't notice it if you didn't know it was there. So maybe...just maybe...my 2 year issue is over. We'll see how long it holds up. As for GM, they have until the 26th to respond to our demand letter. I will have to decide to move forward with a suit or drop the case if I don't hear from them after Monday. It's been in repair for 41 days total, which triggers the law in Alabama.
  13. Mine went in for the 5th repair attempt yesterday. This time they're replacing the rear window with a new one and they said they're gong to redo the spoiler for a 4th time. I'm going to ask them for a water hose before I ever leave the lot. Thanks to @Jeepincbum55 I'll make sure I check the level on the rear window replacement when I pick it up.
  14. They’ve been steam cleaning it each time. This week I’m going to push for a new headliner
  15. 4 repair attempts. New window is here and will go in this week. We'll see if it finally fixes the issue or if the tech screwed up my truck when he over torqued the spoiler bolts during repair #3.
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