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  1. They’ve been steam cleaning it each time. This week I’m going to push for a new headliner
  2. 4 repair attempts. New window is here and will go in this week. We'll see if it finally fixes the issue or if the tech screwed up my truck when he over torqued the spoiler bolts during repair #3.
  3. I'm with you. My 1993 1500 stepside 4.3l was a rock. 243,000 miles and never had a problem. Towed everything with that truck. Crossed the US twice towing a car. My 2019 is currently in litigation for buy back due to the rear window/spoiler leak that has been repaired 4 times and is worse than ever. First leak was 2 weeks after I bought it in March 2019. Other issues that have been reported or 'we don't have a fix for that now': Radio presets stay on the first 5 presets. This is a weird one where you change preset channels and the screen jumps back to the first 5 presets - no fix Climate control on screen shows climate off when it's actually on - no fix USB chargers on dash are crap. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. Both B and C points on both Android and Iphones only work sometimes. - replaced, still does it Tailgate won't open 50% of the time. No tonneau cover either. One day i pressed the tailgate button at least 50 times and it finally opened. Dealer said "could not replicate" Transmission is all over the place. Shakes like crazy when I tow my 4000lb boat. Wife's Grand Cherokee tows the boat fine. Dealer said it's the trailer. As I research other trucks, Dodge's are leaking and their instrument clusters are a cluster F right now. Fords leak and have all kinds of infotainment issues too in the new 21s. All this technology integration is fine as long as you test test test. I work in aerospace manufacturing so we test components a lot. I've gone so far as to start looking for old 87s that have been restored. No electronics. All mechanical linkages. The good ones are pricey though.
  4. This...and all the leaks on ramtrucks.com...is pushing me to the Tundra. Bulletproof design with bad mpg and boring interior, but at least it’s dry
  5. Ugh...and I was all excited about the 21 F150s. Right now the best candidate seems to be a Tundra, but I despise the interior. GM got our letter yesterday, so we’ll see what the6 offer.
  6. Been researching other trucks while I wait on GM to decide what they’re going to do.. Over at ramtrucks.com, their Rear Window Crack and Leak thread is up to 83 pages. Sounds like Dodge has issues too. One poster is on his 4th service appt and still is leaking.
  7. At least that what they told me... funny how the maintenance records on my.gm.com are not filled in for the last 2 service visits. The count currently is 3 fixes of the spoiler gaskets and 1 reseal of the rear window. I'm not giving them the chance to repair it again. Lawyers are on it.
  8. As of this morning, I've secured attorney representation and notified GM of our intent to pursue a refund. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  9. This is after 4 repair attempts. This is just rain.
  10. This is disappointing to hear. Waiting on my new rear glass to arrive. I guess they should order 2 more since it's going to crack again in the future. In the meantime, it rained yesterday and now I have another 18 in. wet spot in the headliner. I'm really to the point of having GM take the truck back under lemon law and go get something else.
  11. I really do have to give a shout out to Devin at Guntersville Chevy. He hasn't let go of getting this solved and even had the exterior detailed for me while it was waiting on parts. This issue isn't at all their fault. It's a crappy design and they're the ones having to deal with the issue. It's nice to have a service advisor that truly give a crap. He's a young guy and will do well if he continues to give service as good as I've gotten.
  12. @gemarshThey didn't elaborate on the water leak while driving, but that's my guess too. Did just get a call saying they're replacing the entire back window this time since it was leaking from the sliding window plastic crack that has been previously talked about on here. For the spoiler, my guess is that when the tech over-torqued the spoiler bolts, he damaged the frame of the roof as well, and that's why it won't seal correctly now. Service manager said the spoiler torque specs were a recent notice they received from GM. @bfontenot9 Thankfully yes...31K
  13. Been a lurker for years. I joined Gm-Trucks today just to reply to the saga of rear leaks. Bought my LT in Feb 2019. Apr 2019 noticed water on top of rear seat during a rainstorm in Tampa FL May 2019 repaired in Virginia. R&R rear spoiler, new sealant and new bolt seals seemed to fix it. Moved to Huntsville AL June 2020 noticed a little drop of water on top of rear seat. Told myself to get it checked but we're in lockdown for a while Sept 2020 after summer of stay at home, finally got it to the shop. Water line on headliner all the way across, 8 inches from the window. Dealer R&R rear window and cleaned headliner. Looked good as new Oct 2020 noticed a dollar-sized water stain on driver side rear headliner just above window. Took it back to dealer. R&R spoiler again. They left it in their wash booth for 4 hrs and said no leaks. Feb 25 2021 Cleaning up the cab when saw a large wet spot in same area as Oct repair. Called dealer and they said bring it back. R&R spoiler and said the rubber seal around one bolt was cracked. Tech had over-torqued on last repair. Waiting for sealant from GM Mar 18 2021 after 3 weeks in the shop they reseal and drove it in major rain storms with headliner removed on Mar 17. Service manager was in back seat and got soaked. Said it was way worse when driving than when parked. GM inspector has been requested. Now I wait...
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