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  1. Thank you. I also have been considering a modification to the multipro 2nd tailgate hard stop. I tested it with some Allen keys stuck in both sides between the positive stops. It made the lower step come down shy of a few inches of normal position. I know the step is angled in this scenario slightly , but it still can be used, and it would clear a normal B&W Stow and go hitch so you don’t need to drop the extra $100 for the Multipro hitch which has very limited drop positions. Anyway, if someone were to make a bracket to fit where I placed the Allen keys, they could bolt on as there are bo
  2. I mounted a switch in the bed. I leave the Multipro Tailgate Upper shut off, but If I need it I toggle it on. Works like a charm and I personally didn't want to use sensor on the receiver to achieve this. I know it's not totally failsafe, but for me I am trying to protect the tailgate from others who get in the truck while my boat trailers are connected. To do this is very simple.. There is a harness under the driverside/ rear bumper. Push the red tab up to unlock the harness lever, then pulldown the lever to remove the harness plug. On the plug hanging down (after you separate)
  3. I solved the problem a slightly different way. I put a simple switch in the bed to shut off the MPTailgate top gate. I leave it off, and if I need to drop the MP gate, I flip it on. Simple solution, which took about 15 mins to install. Just need to identify the yellow wire in the harness under the back left corner of the truck and splice into/ cut.. I saw the video of the tailgate saver that uses a magnet switch on the hitch pin and thought.. I would rather have a switch than some magnetic sensor on my hitch pin. I have $11 in this fix. Works like a charm..
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