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  1. Rick, yes, it did have one more connection for the heated seats that I didn’t use, I just taped it up next to the other rear usb connections and left it alone. there is a little module that I had to move over from the center of the cup holders for the keyless remote. I didn’t ever get that warning when I did mine. Maybe the connection isn’t in all the way? everything works just fine with this new wiring harness, factory charging icon shows up on the Home Screen, and the charging icon works on Apple car play obviously. No other lights or issues to report. the worst part of this job was installing the air duct. I fought that damn tube for an hour before I got it into place. It blows a puff of air across the charger now to keep it cool.
  2. I ordered the wrong harness as well that I referenced earlier. The harness I ordered to replace it is 84482759 which includes the SD card reader, USB’s in the center console, wireless charging, front USB, etc. check out this thread for the wireless charger upgrade:
  3. So my truck isn't even here yet! I ordered it in March and have yet to see it. My salesman says I should have it by December! By the time I get it he said it wont have Auto Start/Stop or Displacement on Demand, but I am fine without either one of them. A friend of mine did this same upgrade on his RST and he had to get the GM wiring harness and an air duct to keep the charger cool. They are both GM parts and their numbers are listed below:
  4. After some help from a member on the forum, I ordered a few pieces from GM, and bought a GM wireless charger off eBay to make a factory install. I ordered an RST which didn't have the wireless charger as an option, but I wanted one. I am unfortunately still waiting for my truck to be built so I don't have actual install photo's, but I have pics and part numbers of the hardware which is just as good. All in just under $200 for what is listed below. The last unknown is if I will be lucky enough to use the small jumper harness that came with the charger to slave off a 12V source, or if I need to hard wire into something. GM Parts: -84555398 Console Mat -84505586 Upper Trim Panel -84075152 Bracket (holds the wireless charger underneath the trim, need to supply your own small screws) eBay: -GM Gen II Qi Wireless Charger Retrofit kit I am still looking for a good video on how to gain access to replace this console trim, but worse case I will deal with it when the truck finally arrives. Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.
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