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  1. Thank's I got it figured out the Upfitter fuses were oriented to work with the engine on so it was working the whole time
  2. I installed the up fitter kit in my trail boss ( 2020 ) everything went well has the center console cupholder so a bit more work hooked up power checked it at the battery and the is power at the cable but no power to the accessory wires The lights go on and off the switches but no power to the wires . I switched the 5 amp fuse in their positons but still no power to the leads Anybody have this problem ? Thanks
  3. Here is the parts list everything I needed to add the up fitter kit to my 2020 Trail Boss LT Black interior Knee Bolster - GM 84487354 (Black) Multi Switch - GM 84688687 (Black) Fusebox – GM 84497098 F Block Kit(terminal) - GM 84669070 Battery Cable - GM 84524205
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