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  1. Would definitely be interested, but upgraded as well...GLWS!
  2. Appreciate the feedback & interested to hear more as you put some miles on them!
  3. Your setup looks fantastic, nice choices!
  4. Same boat here. The price point of the Range is what’s always been appealing to me, and I don’t think I’d fully utilize the Pulsar as it’s intended.
  5. On my ‘18 with the 5.3 & 8-speed, it definitely had its share of strange shifting habits and clunks. I will say it seemed to drive smoother when I was using the Range AFM for a short period of time. I ended up trading it on a 6.2 10-speed pretty quickly, so I never had the dealer look at it.
  6. Looks good...definitely a bit more aggressive looking! How do they sound out on the road?
  7. Curious to hear if you get a message again as well. Either way, good luck on parts hunt!
  8. So you just joined and responding to a pile of WTB ads?
  9. It seems people have a love-hate relationship with HUD’s in general, but I’ve always liked the concept since my first experience years ago swapping one into a Grand Prix Daytona lol. Again, I can’t speak directly to the AT4 but it sounds like you have some additional option packages there. I think you’ll be pleased with the engine/trans combo when you drive it.
  10. I went from a ‘17 Raptor to a 5.3 ‘18 LTZ Redline to a 6.2 ‘21 RST Redline, all crew cabs. The tech in Raptor is far superior in my opinion, and I definitely miss that. I needed to start towing more, so obviously my options are different than yours and I can’t speak on the AT4. I will say I really enjoy the 6.2 / 10spd combo so far.
  11. Congrats on the new ride. Sounds like you got a solid trade value as well!
  12. I just picked up my 2021 just about 2 weeks ago, and I have found water droplets inside on the slider rail & seat twice so far after sitting in heavy rain. Guess a dealer visit is coming soon...
  13. You’ve got that right. Gotta have meat on the bone for them in the end. The tech was one of the only things I liked and miss from my one and only Ford truck. I’d love to see some more of that on the GM side in the future.
  14. I used their offer to negotiate my trade value at the dealer and they beat it by $100. They’ll make decent profit reselling it and I saved a bunch on taxes, so win-win in my eyes.
  15. CarMax offered me $42400 for my ‘18 LTZ Z71 CC Redline with 32k on it. They were the best offer behind Vroom that I got, and is what really opened my eyes to trading it in. I made a nice profit over what I paid for it and got considerable sales tax savings on top of it all. I hear you on trying to find the right truck. I stumbled upon nearly exactly what I was looking for an hour away, so I pulled the trigger.
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