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  1. I always turn the auto start/stop off as soon as I start truck and the squealing noise still occurs
  2. @American Cobra I did what you advised to do and it worked. If I disable the DFM I’m assuming that will also work Bc I have a feeling driving around in the low gear 9 is not good for truck?
  3. Squeaking or squealing noise coming from engine as I come to a stop. I’m assuming it’s the DFM?? I’m about to but the Pulsar LT to disable it. Any input would be helpful, the noise is driving me crazy.
  4. Does anyone have the Pulsar LT they are looking to sell?
  5. I have a factory exhaust with a couple hundred miles on same. Put dual exhaust on when I bought truck and seeing how much I could get for the factory exhaust.
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