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  1. Mine is the same way. It idles terribly almost like it’s gonna die or a misfire. Had it in the shop twice and they says it’s normal. Love the truck but seriously thinking of getting rid of it because it drives me crazy. Come on GM !!’ This is terrible… it’s 2021 lol you would think a brand new truck would idle smooth
  2. How do you do that ? There isn’t a programmer for the 21 that I have seen
  3. There is a service bulletin out but not sure where I found it. The dealership can look it up by your VIN. I have had my truck in the shop three times and they say it’s normal. It is driving me crazy and I am about to just be done with Chevy. A brand new 2021 truck should idle smooth. It’s so annoying. I really think it’s the motor mounts but they won’t replace them
  4. Did you have your motors mounts replaced ? And it didn’t help ? Ugh so frustrating. Mine vibrates so bad when in park and in drive. On the highways it’s smooth
  5. So been battling this rough idle vibration at idle. Stop lights etc everything on the truck checks out but found a service bulletin stating faulty motor mounts could be causing the sensation of a rough idle or misfire. Been in the Chevy dealership in Lubbock to twice and they keep saying everything is fine. The service tech told me there is no service bulletin or anything regarding this issue. Upon further research on this I found a service bulletin stating my exact issue. I brought it to the dealerships attention and they played dumb like they didn’t know. So frustrating. Taking it to another dealership Monday. Has anyone else had this issue and did shimming or replacing the motor mounts fix it ?? 2021 Silverado 6.2. 4000.00 miles
  6. So I looked further into it and seems mine is the motor mounts. I found a service bulletin out for it and says they are either faulty or need shims. Taking it in Monday and I’ll keep everyone posted
  7. I have a 2021 Silverado with the 6.2 and mine indies rough. Had it in the shop twice and they say everything is good. So frustrating
  8. Ok thank you I might try some of that amsoil fuel treatment and see if that helps
  9. That is exactly how mine is. Have you ever had it in the shop for them to look at that ? I just hate dealing with the dealerships but dang it’s drives me nuts when it does that. I feel like a brand new truck should idle smooth
  10. Yes I am sorry DFM. I have it turned off with the pulsar Yes DFM I am sorry. I have it disabled with the pulsar
  11. Yes I am sorry Yes DFM I am sorry. I have it disabled with the pulsar
  12. I have a 2021 with the 6.2. Runs great but when stopped at lights etc it has a terrible miss/ rough idle. It’s shakes the truck. Can feel it in the steering wheel etc. truck has 4000 miles and I only run 93 octane fuel. Is this normal ? Any help ?
  13. Keep me posted. How did you get them to at least do that. When I took mine in they act like they can’t feel it
  14. I have the same issue. At stop lights etc my 6.2 almost seems like it has a misfire. It’s like it has a rough idle every now and then. Have you had any luck figuring out what it is ?
  15. So new here and have a question. I have a 2021 Silverado with the 6.2. It runs great but at idle at stop lights etc it has a rough idle almost like a misfire. I have the afm turned off and it is not equipped with the auto start stop. I have taken it in to the dealer and the dealer says can not duplicate but it’s very obvious. I only run 93 octane fuel. Truck has 4000 miles. Is this a sign of a lifter failure coming in the future ? Do these trucks just idle like this ? Any help ?
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