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  1. Just got my 3500 6.6 Gas last Saturday, drove it home 100 plus miles with the cruise set at 65 mph and got 18.7 mpg. Was in shock, figured 14 mpg at best. Hell, I'll take that any day of the week, my sons '20 GMC AT 4 1500 barely breaks 20 MPG's!!!
  2. I just received my 3500 last weekend and I too ordered the dual battery and alternators. My application was for the snow prep, and I did ask the dealer about the camper package that it was included in. So according to the dealer, your camper should benefit from the 2nd alternator keeping the 2nd battery fully charged
  3. Well, been watching the build of my '22 Silverado 3500, and now see it has left Flint MI via train and expect delivery around October 10th. Didn't go for the Denalli, hope to be happy with the LT model as I needed cloth seats for our 3 kids (Dogs) to avoid Leather scratching. Added 20" rims, tow mirrors, electric rear window, what ever tailgate with drop, running boards, bug shield, and a few other items. So does anyone have any news on the Cold Air Intakes and exhaust accessories?
  4. The "drive a semi" high front end didn't bother me as much as for my wife, gonna need a couple of boat cushions for her!! I'm not too concerned about the mileage factor on the truck, just asking what to expect, guessing a 36 gallon tank will be enough to get one one Gas station to another. Here is another question; any of you 6.6 Gaser's running aftermarket exhaust? GM recommends the Borla single, also been looking at the Flowmaster American Thunder duals, any thoughts?
  5. My 2022 Silverado 3500 4x4 6.6 Gaser was ordered with the 6 speed Automatic, but no AFM!!!
  6. Went in to order a 2022 Silverado 3500 CC, and of course can't get a confirmation due to the chip shortage. Anyways, wanted to hear from you guys on the good/bad so far on the 3500 Silverado platform with the 6.6 Gas motor, 3.73 axle, 159" WB
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