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  1. They got the shim on a monday & then it was ready by tuesday afternoon so i'm 99% sure they never took the cab off thankfully!
  2. With mine, i would get the long crank/no start & would have to wait over an hour for it to finally start again. I would try multiple times to start it to the point where the battery almost died bc it wasn't starting. Both times the tow trucks were on their way/just arrived & then it finally would start with no issues.
  3. I got my shim added a few weeks ago, just went on a 5 hour drive & back for a week long vaca with it but no issues as of yet....
  4. I'm not sure what all they did to get the shim in place but they did not remove the cab. The shim was supposed to arrive at some point on Monday and was ready by Tuesday afternoon. The whole time my truck was at the dealership they were driving with it as if it was their own (put over 800 miles on it) to try to get it to act up.. It did finally act up for them last week & they were able to record it and agreed the best course of action was to add the shim.
  5. Agreed - mine would NOT start on second attempt and would crank no start for up to 5x (that's as many times as i'd try it before the battery warned me it was almost dead) but hopefully this will fix it all the same.
  6. They were able to catch my truck cranking no start with the sensor on it & agreed it was the same part as what's been stated that needs replaced - to quote the dealership "So after discussing your vehicle with the technician that had been in contact with the field engineer. They said that the camshaft solenoid valve were coming in contact or getting too close to the reluctor gear. So they had us install a shim in the camshaft actuator and that has resolved others with the same issue. " hopefully this does in fact fix it
  7. This has happened to me twice now, first time around 4200 miles, second around 6500 miles. I have a GMC Sierra 1500, going on one week at the dealership. They spoke with GM Engineering & just asked me today if they can drive it until it acts up for them. They're putting a sensor from engineering on it to monitor things like fuel pressure, a/f ratios, and more. They're going to keep it until it does it again... hopefully it wont take 2k miles.
  8. I had this happen to me the first time at 4300 miles & again today at 6500 miles
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