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  1. Thanks for the heads up I couldn't find any info on the grade of stainless.
  2. Nice! Did you powder coat your exhaust tips too?
  3. Anyone go with the Gibson exhaust? I'm seriously considering this option and its cheap. I'd love to hear from someone who actually installed one themselves.
  4. My new 21 Silverado 6.2 has the same problem. I noticed it the next day after I bought it. Started it in the garage to go to work the next morning. Chirpy chirp chirp. Sounds like serpentine belt chirp. It doesn't go away until it's completely warmed up but I swear I can hear it all the time after the first time I heard it especially at light throttle when it feels like its misfiring from the cylinder deactivation. Sounds like its coming from the left side of the engine to me. I do not think its belt noise. I watched a bunch of exhaust videos on YouTube (because I'm debating what catback I want) and I heard the same noise in a bunch of them. I read somewhere that it may be the lifters due to the cylinder deactivation. I'm just going to deal with it until it bends a pushrod. its under warranty
  5. I agree that this paint seems terrible. I found numerous paint imperfections when I was washing it this past week. Dust in the paint on the front bumper, roof, hood etc. A fisheye on the passenger rear door. I expect minor imperfections in new vehicle paint but these seemed excessive. I ended up moving my emblems back to cover the spot on the hood. I ordered new emblems for $26. I think they look better now anyway. I also had it ceramic coated. Definitely going to need a clear bra because I ended up with a huge chip on the grill today and it only has 400 miles on it. I still love the truck though. I just hope the paint lasts.
  6. I washed my new 21 Silverado for the first time and noticed a spot on the hood that looks like it's through the paint into the primer. It didn't look like that before I rubbed at it a few times with the wash mitt. Bummed about this. The truck only has 300 miles on it. I'd hate to have to get the hood repainted to fix this.
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