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  1. Hey Manuel have you done anything on this yet?
  2. This question is still unresolved in CA. I have report of one person with a DOD delete and a tune get through the CA smog check after July 19 2021 (when the ECU testing began ) . See pic below. Problem is this example is on a very limited production car (Caprice PPV) so it is possible there was not enough data gathered by the BAR to make a determination on that car. I thought once this program went into effect I would have heard from all you truck guys who have been deleting DOD for years. There should be plenty of data on the trucks. Thought I would see the posts of all the failures on message boards but I have not seen a one!! Has anyone in CA failed for MODIFIED SOFTWARE ?? My suspicion is the data showed that so many cars and trucks with AFM/DOD had all these different CVN check digits so they might just be ignoring all GM vehicle with DOD/AFM engines. Because I did find one corvette that failed for Modified Software but those do not have the AFM. So all that being said you can risk a bigger cam and a tune if you want. Not sure if they are actually ignoring AFM engines how long they will continue to do so. Or you can go with a CARB approved DOD delete kit that comes with a tune that is CARB approved. Down side is basically this is a stock swap so no performance gain. $1000 in parts and no HP gain. Hard pill to swallow. Livernois sells the kits Here is the one for a 6.0 liter https://www.livernoismotorsports.com/product/LPP802116/livernois-motorsports-06-gen4-6-0-6-2l-dod-delete-system-for-non-vvt-engines
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