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  1. Bought mine in Dec with Employee pricing, Z71 4x4 RST Duramax. Was nervous about the Duramax, but 2nd year model seems to be safe. So far I have put about 26,000 miles on it. My lifetime average is 23 MPG, but I do a lot of city driving. Best 50 mile average is an incredible 36.7 MPG coming from Louisiana to Houston with cruise set to 65. I was stunned! While I do city driving a lot in Houston, I do some highway driving too. This is the smoothest, best running truck I've owned. I don't tow anything, or even drive off road much, but when I need 4x4, I need it. I'm a high mileage guy, the 150,000 mile oil pump belt inspection/service is odd to me, but I once put 400,000 miles on a 2005 I5 Colorado so I know how to make them last. But, i'm with 6sigma, when the 22/23 refresh comes I may just trade it in on a new one!
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