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  1. Quick follow up to my post... Dealer ordered the shim and a new cam sensor, but both are on backorder. They called GM and spoke to a technical advisor about the issue. They also couldn't get the front camera to relearn so they ordered a new one--also on backorder.
  2. I have a 2021 3.0 Duramax with 4k miles and brought mine in to the dealer to get the front camera serviced. A dealer employee attempted to move my truck to the Tech's bay that was going to work on it and it did a crank no start for the first time. The service manager said he'd never heard of the problem before but suspected it was a module that wasn't fully "awake" when the start button was pressed. So far the engine wiring harness had to be replaced the first week of ownership (1.5 weeks at the dealer). The front camera isn't working and could not be solved after a full day at the dealer. And now I have to deal with the crank no start. The truck is great when everything is working but I don't really trust it anymore. It's becoming a hassle to own at this point.
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