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  1. Sorry for the confusion. It is end goal but thats what i intend to do from the begining it wont be n/a again . Cross member from the 05 won't work, the frames are different. You may be able to modify it but at that point you might as well just modify your stock one - This is good to know. i have speed engineering headers so i will grab their cross member as well. It seems like i may just need to do the work and swap out the harness. it appears that would solve issues with the intake and the other items like the alt and ops. Thanks again for the quick replys. Its going
  2. If i do the Whipple though i wont use the intake manifold. So would it just depend on the whipple/maggie. Unfortunately it doesnt look like either of them make on for the 01 cable driven and are all DBW. This means i will probably need to swap out the gas pedal and components. Unless i am missing something? luckily i kept the cross member off of the 05 for the 4l80E so im good there. I will have to find a shop up here that does driveshafts and let them make me one. Good to know about the ECU and harness, though i dont know if the throttle system on the 05 is attached the harn
  3. I recently bought a 2005 2500HD. It has the lq4 and 4l80 in it which i have taken out. The project truck is a 2001 chevy silverado shortbed. I have removed the 5.3 and 4l60E out of it and im starting to put together a game plan for the 6.0. So far both of the engines are in my garage and i just need to know what else im missing. I know the 01 has a cable throttle and the 05 has a DWB throttle. Should I be taking the throttle system out of the 2005 and incorporating it into the 2001. Is that needed or necessary. Or could i just use the 2001 throttle and a different throttle body on th
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