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  1. last year had a 2019 bummer in the shop, caliper siezed, quoted all new front brakes and both calipers, 6k, 4500 was our cost in just parts.
  2. Only ever had to replace one set of brakes on any of my vehicles, so my input of my own will be little. But working in the auto field the best ones ive found that arent factory are the napa ultra prem rotors and then akebono pads. Any other rotors i put on get surface rust overnight or a couple days and more so with rain/ high humidity. customers would come back with the cheaper ones complaining of the noise at first brake in the day but then go away. So from my end, factory or napa/akebono.
  3. following, my 2015 lt 5.3 randomly throws the service trailer brakes up on the dash a couple times then goes away for a while(couple weeks) then does it again and stops again.
  4. Got the autosync ordered, bit of a delay due to no one wanting to work. I think im just going to replace the windsheild and redo the brow. if it was more of a rare windshield id look into correcting it, but the time id have into it i think would be more than just replacing it. im going to see if i can keep the old one to practice on for future possibly and maybe teach the kiddo while im at it. Thank you all for the help, next step is switching to led lighting.
  5. I was going to have a relaxing weekend, but now its going to be filled with reading and work
  6. i had a feeling i was going to need something along those lines, found one article on that last night but was hoping to be able to dodge around that. And with that ill be able to turn off the DRL and run just parking and fogs if i want? Looks like its handy to just have in general and should have been from the factory... thats where im at, was hoping for a way around it. Also have to find out the tint level of the brow first(purchased with windows tinted)
  7. I've been scrolling the forums for a while but to no avail. I have a 2015 silverado LT, canada built but in the states now. What have you all done for getting rid of the running lights always being on in drive? is there an aftermarket switch or something so i can just run parking or parking and fogs or no lights if I want? Saw one where a person modded the og light selector but id rather not do that. Then lighting, are LT and LS headlights the same? im assuming they are but want to be 100% becuase lt is all chrome and ls has black options which my truck is all blacked out and want to match,
  8. New to the forums, figured id get involved here since this will be my last truck for a number of years. Got a 2015 silverado lt 4wd. Been a chev person my whole life with a couple branches to others but mainly chevy. Hopefully a great group of people here and cant wait to learn more and figure out fitment and more.
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