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  1. Found it! It's in the block, just above the odometer. Between ck gages and battery symbol. The bulb tested good, but I replaced it, and it works. You can't see it, period, from outside...shining a light. Myst have been a dirty connection. It's marked high beam, on the back of the cluster, but I didn't see it first...I wasn't looking. Thanks
  2. Yes, it's required. And to the best of my knowledge, I've exhausted the web and YouTube.
  3. Thanks Tim. Owner's manual long gone. No less than 8 qualified techs, including me ( ase master, md.state inspector...years ago) have looked. I wish it was that simple. I've had the cluster out, to change a bulb ( daytime running, that I thought was high beam indicator), and checked the other bulbs with a meter. So, in anyone has a c6500, or knows of one, and can clue me onto the location...I'd be much obliged ! Been to 3 dealers, no help. Spent hours on the web. Way more than this problem deserves. I'll likely fit a new lamp in...but I'd like to know where the manufacturer intended it.. Or was it missed? It would be a first to me. Thanks
  4. I just purchased an 02 C6500 dump truck. Getting it ready for inspection. I can't, and the dealers have been no help...find the high beam indicator in the dash or cluster. The truck lights work perfectly. The daytime running lights and indicator work. But, not high beam indicator...and no obvious location for it. Can anybody help me with this mystery?
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