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  1. I recently went from 285/75/R16 to 315/75/R16 on both my '02 & '01 Chevy Tahoes, both have 4in lifts. Same Big o tires shop handling install,mount & balance. My '02 required only minor modification cuts for wheel well rubbing in front,which my husband did..Easy... Now my '01.... No such easy luck...had we not had a sudden tranny fluid leak,(haulting any further driving & 100 miles from home,as we were headed out of state)bringing my husband & uncle under the tahoe,who knows when we would've found that the upper control arms had rubbed an approx 1/4 inch groove all the way around inner sidewall of tires. You cant even spin the tires!! Friend gave us 4inch spacers that bolt to hub.....clears UCA,s. Stick out from wheel well Lil bit. And rear are flush within wheel well. So do we add spacers to rear also. We rotated the grooved tires to rear. Can't afford a 3rd new set. Big o tires claims no liability. Have more pictures.
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