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  1. Ok, well 20% of my usual 20.1mpg is 4 = 16 should be the mpg after towing my 3300 lbs. trailer. But is it was 11mpg. That is the Kansa trip. Last month my trip to Arkansa yielded 10mpg. I am going to have to accept that the 2.7 gets very poor gas mileage.
  2. MPG with 2.7 Turbo: Towing my 14 foot 3300 lb. camper trailer last week. Averaged 11 MPG over flat lands of Kansas. Average speed was 60. 310 miles
  3. The average speed was 55 and there were a lot of curves and hills, but no mountains.
  4. We towed our 14ft 3300lb camper for total of 250 miles this weekend. MPG with our 2.7T is 11mpg.
  5. My main concern is that I have purchased a 2022 that has not been refreshed with the improved 2.7 engine and other changes. I would have waited if I knew a refresh was coming. Shows you how important it is to research before buying. I can only blame myself. Feel better venting though, ha.
  6. Yes, it is Custom. I had a 2016 LaCrosse and 2017 Acadia, both with park assist, and all the features I mentioned gone on my Truck. I was told by a local dealer that these features were not available due to the chip shortage. I get that but how about the 2022 refresh that I will not have on my 2022 purchased prior to this refresh. I feel like I got screwed.
  7. I purchased a 2022 Silverado 1500 LTD and was not aware until after purchase that it did not have several features. No park assist, no dual climate control, and it has a very poor rear camera.
  8. I purchased a 2022 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado Custom November 31st, 2021. Although it still has the 2021 front grill. I am trying to find out if the 2.7T in this truck is a refreshed engine or same as 2021??
  9. I purchased my 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom in November. The quality of the backup camera is the poorest I have seen. The most concerning problem is that the camera shows objects to be much further away than they are.
  10. I am new at this so I'm not sure where to submit my answers or comments. Is this reply only to one person? I summited earlier that I took another look at the sticker and it did not show torque, only that it is 2.7T. I'm going to look further on this.
  11. OOPs, I took another look at the window sticker. It only show 3.7T engine nothing about the torque, however; I have noticed on some of the inventory of 2022 silverado show only 348 torque. I will get my engine number and do a little more research.
  12. All the manuals and window sticker show my 2022 2.7T Silverado Custom to only have 348 Torque, not 420. ??
  13. We have been driving our 2022 Silverado 2.7 Turbo for 400 miles. Mixed city and highway with 17mpg average.
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