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  1. Bilstein 24-293297 | B8 5100 (Ride Height Adjustable) | Shock Absorber
  2. Anyone have the "Key Missing - Check for Key" message? Its happening while driving, with the key in the truck. If I shut the truck off it will restart with no message for a while.
  3. your correct the spring doesn't have the same force throughout its travel,and in theory increasing the preload will make it stiffer. However the bilsteins are designed for the lift and the ride is actually better than stock. The linear rate springs make it easier to deal with the preload vs progressive springs. THe other big pluss is the stock suspension travel is maintained with the height adjustable shocks vs spacers.
  4. Finally got the rear blocks in The rear blocks are from the previous generation trucks (they are ~1.2" and I milled them down to 1").New U bolts from a 2018 are perfect length. Top pics it without the blocks , bottom with.
  5. Top is just Bilsteins in front Bottom is with 1" rear blocks
  6. Finally got the 1" blocks in the rear. I got the stocks blocks from the previous generation truck They are 1.2" and I milled them down to 1" used the stock bolts from the pervious truck too and they are the right length. A local shop gave me the blocks out of their scrap pile and the U bolts were ~$8 each.
  7. It doesn't stiffen the ride at all the springs are liner rate. This is what the trail boss (2" factory Lift front and back) does and they use the same UCA's
  8. Had them set at the 2" height . its the 2nd to highest. the highest setting is 2.5" but is not recommended with stock control arms. at the 2" setting the ball joints are not at an extreme angle, in fact its hard to tell any difference from the stock angle. The 2" setting was a true 2" lift on my truck (I measured before and after with stock tires and it was exactly 2")
  9. I used the 5100's set at +2" to the front of my 2022. increased the tires size from 275-60/20 to 275-65/20. Tires are an inch taller at 34" vs stock 33" The combo raised the front 2.5" and the rear 0.5". Truck is perfectly level. The Body style for the 2019-2022 makes it look a little front high sometimes so I'm adding 1" rear blocks this week to give it just a little rake. No other leveling kit was added (i.e. spacers) I think the shocks are the way to go for leveling and there is no need tor spacers unless you want to go higher. The pic is how it currently sits with out the rear blocks.
  10. I'm on 34's (275/65R20), Stocks are 33" (275/60R20) The Height is 2.5 Inches taller than stock. 2 Inch from the suspension and 1/2 Inch from the tires. In the picture there is no lift in the rear other then the tires. It almost exactly level but sometime it looks nose high because of the Silverado front fender body lines. I have some 1.2" rear blocks from the previous gen trucks that I'm going to install just to level it out to the eye a little more. I parked next to a trail boss the other day and the front of my truck is about 1/2 taller, the rear is about 2" lower as the Trail Boss has a pretty big rake.
  11. Nothing extreme but I did a 2" lift with Bilstein 5100's and Nitto 34" Tall 275/65R20 w stock wheels on my 22 refreshed Silverado LT 2.7L. Nitto is the only 34" tire you can get in non Light Truck load and it only weights 4 lbs more than stock LT tires are all 13-18 lbs heaver each and its that unsprung weight that really kills MPG. Fuel economy was not effected in my case and I looks way better than Stock IMO. RIdes better too.
  12. No ETA yet. Seems like would be a priority. The truck was sold with a safety feature that is known to be defective, worse than if it was never there in the first place. Same Back-order with NO ETA. I sure GM would get a "COVID" pass like in any court.
  13. Crew Cab 6-Inch Rectangular Assist Steps in Black Part No. : 84676694 $795 from Chevrolet.com and and 20% discount right now with code 'GET20" = $636 + Tax.Install was easy.
  14. I looked at the 305/55R20 but they are the same height as stock @ 33". IMO the height is needed in these trucks more then the width. I also have the 2.7L so un-sprung weight was important to me to maintain fuel economy. I will post the pics with the rear blocks installed when I get a chance. I Ive been sidelined with a shoulder injury so it might be a little while.
  15. Lots of non LT in the stock size 275/60/20 (33" tall) its the 275/65/20 (34" tall) that no one makes in a non LT. Im happy with the ride of the bilsteins, better than stock for sure. I looked into both the eibach and bilsteins. they actually list the same way. They both have adjustable lower spring perch positions to set the ride height. The Eibach's do come with new springs but both the stock and the eibach springs are liner rate springs so to me it was hard to justify the extra costs. For the rear blocks I called a local suspension shop and they gave me a set of blocks from the previous gen truck, they had a pile of them laying around going to scrap. They are 1.2" cast iron. 5 mins in the sandblaster and some black paint and they looked liked new. OE Ubolts from 2018 truck fit perfect.
  16. Sorry for the delay, Hard to tell if the ride is much different from the Tires or the Shocks. No Noticeable difference in MPG. I think the tire weight of the Non-LT tires help (11lbs per tire lighter then the LT's, unsprung mass is bad for MPG). Nitto is the only MGF the has a Non-LT tires in this size and the make both the standard and the LT in the same size so you have to be very specific on what you order. I got them from Discount Tire.
  17. No my front camera isnt working, but I have an LT and that is the only function it does I think.
  18. Dealer confirmed its a bad forward camera. Its on national back order and my local small dealer now has 6 on order so we will wait and see.... they also think the intermittent radio static might be related.
  19. Sometimes brakes just squeal. I had an old German engineer tell me once , Insert German Ascent, "that is how you know they are working". Auto manufactures, and suppliers spend millions every year testing brakes, to this day the biggest problem with foundation brakes is NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). I doubt the added wheel weight is causing the issues, but it could be contributing i suppose. The Squealing your are hearing is most likely the pads vibrating at a high frequency. The front calipers on the new trucks are fixed 4 piston calipers, they don't slide, the piston seal roll back creates the needed running clearance. You could try a different brake pad compound that will probably help, but its a shot in the dark as to what brand or marketing on the box. Brake friction material compounds are a black art and deferentially not a one size fits all formula. there are always trade offs, Noise, Dust, Wear, Pedal Feel, etc.... Oh and there is absolutely no regulations on aftermarket brake pads. No real answer other that from a stopping standpoint I'm sure everything is just fine. A Brake Engineer.
  20. 1200 miles on the truck and today the yellow forward collision light is on and lane keep assist is unavailable. I know this was a problem on earlier trucks but I thought there was a software update that fixed it. Anyone having this problem on a refreshed 2022 yet?
  21. 2" Bilstein 5100's Nitto 275/65R20 Recon Gaplers
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