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  1. stupid gm can'ed response, if it's even GM. ^^^^^ @Epsilon Plus east valley here. Let me know how you make out and the dealer you take it to OR if you reached out to the GM genie listed above and your result. Mine isn't bad, it's just not right and certainly not normal, imo, despite what is said, tsb's say etc. The fact folks have been talking about this for years / decade, sorta make it normal...crying ass shame. All that said for longevity, these trucks are not toyota land cruisers, they are not going to get 300k on oem. It would be nice but is wishful thinking imo.
  2. Thanks. @gemarsh or anyone, what about the following? See these mentioned as utilized fuses on the 2020+ 2500/3500's...thoughts? Micro 2 an Micro 3 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N16GVY4/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  3. bumping this back up. What fuses do we need? 2500 gas, 2021. The manual is not clear and doesn't specify types, or i missed it. It doesn't tell you. I would like to get a fuse "kit" as i travel a lot. Hard to find info on what is needed, unfortunately. any help is appreciated.
  4. i've used tow haul on super long down hills from time to time, not towing, to keep the truck holding gear, rather than messing with the manual shift.
  5. What is "the recall" and what are lower shutters? Thanks for the info.
  6. Mine does it, just like you describe. Feels almost like it could stall. Also, when turning right. Blinker, slow down, coast, truck "super slows" rather than coast [ which is weird ], make turn coasting, truck gets confused and bump, clunk, choke and then lunge out, when gas applied. Hopefully explained that understandably / makes sense. Googling yields this have been a problem for years before ours and folks are told " normal " gm tranny programming etc. Crying ass shame really on a 70k new truck. My 20 yr old toyota 4sp auto shifts and behaves better and more predictably. I really don't think gm gives AF. Epilsonplus, where you located in southwest?
  7. ^^^^ This right here. Would be of interest to know if folks with this issue live in rainy areas, or the southwest, with minimal rain. I would think with little to no rain, you'd have no issue. Since I read forums, and most stuff are issues, i'm constantly worrying i wasted 70 grand. HOwever I learn alot. What this dude mentions above, seems to be a big issue on FB and the putting some silicone on there "seems" to fix it, and actually makes sense. I believe the trick is to get the holes plugged before you have the issue, especially if you live in a constantly wet place. Once issue hits, likely too late. Bumping this back up
  8. the normal 2500 custom 20" wheels look much better than the above.
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