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  1. Would this apply the same to both ends of the jumper wire, or is the concern only for the end attached to the DRLs?
  2. Everyone knows the slot is there for post bar-closing trips through the drive through. After you order, you have X number on mins to find, drop, and find again your ATM card and put in the slot so it's ready when you get to the window to pay. If you're skipping the drive-through (why would you?) you put your License, registration and proof of insurance cards there. When you get pulled over, the cop will be so impressed that you could find all three without dropping anything, he'll think "This guy must be OK. Time for coffee." Then he'll tell to get home now, and safely or he'll be looking for you. Ask me how I know. Simple as that. Thanks GM!
  3. OK? Everyone feel better now? Let's all take a breath and give thanks we do not have to walk everywhere we go.
  4. Tyler, Over many years on this forum, I have always thought of yours as a voice of reason. Seriously, your amxguy1970 screen name is one of a dozen or so that I remember by name and look forward to reading. I really do not believe the OP posted his thread looking for pity, or just to piss you off. I found it informative, easy to read, if not a touch too long. I also did not notice a "pity party" or the OP asking for anything from other members. He seemed to genuinely want to inform others. Anyway, I'm not taking sides. We're all grown-ups here and care for ourselves. I just found your comments surprisingly harsh, coming from someone whose opinion I have valued so many times before. I don't want to sound like a cliche, but as has been pointed so many times before, you were not forced to read his post or follow the entire thread. You could have clicked over to a different thread. As always, this is just my humble opinion. Respectfully Submitted, Jim
  5. Haaahhh... 5 Cubs will not be enough to save your Cubs. GO DODGERS!!! Two darn good teams. This year is going to be a nail-biter, right to the end, I fear. May the best team present the Dodgers with their trophy.
  6. For god's sake. How long does that stiff Brown have in office? It's going to take years to fix all of his B.S. policies. And, Who thinks this stuff up. All cops are trained not to leave their weapon inside a vehicle and in an unsecured area. Actually you really should just carry it (most of the time). But 329 thefts and 2 homicides in 5 years? A tragedy for sure but likely a drop in the bucket to all guns stolen and used in homicides over same time period, by non LEOs. It seems CA just seems to have a need to change things, just to change them. My last thought on it: to get to the point where the state of CA passes you for hire, trains you, and hands you that badge and gun, they tell you, you have discretion: Those at the pointy end decide what is best for his/her current situation. No, not leaving your weapon in a truck for 6 hours while drinking in a bar some where. Leaving it for 5 min when you run into pick up your 3 yr old from preschool, sure. It may be well meaning but not so well thought out. Ahhhhh!
  7. So they are saying repainting the damage to your truck cost less than$1500? Now get some one you know with a similar truck to take it into that same dealership and ask for a bodyshop quote to respray the same areas as your truck. $100 bet says it will be way over $1500. Do it several times and watch the same result each time. Ask to see the records for painting your truck. They most likely do not, nor ever did exist. What a great law. They get to decide what is and is not a $1500 job. You've been patient long enough. Confront them with my little test here or similar one of your choosing. Now you can threaten them with fraud; false advertising (only a bit of your new truck came in the advertised color), AND improper repairs that do not use genuine GM parts. E.g. The paint is lacquer not enamel; the color does not match the GM color etc.etc. I'm sure you and others here can add to this list and refine it until you have a great big club to beat them with. Good luck.
  8. Leave the pic up! Also - ASAP, have your children of driving age take a look at it. Remind them that dad's truck, for as big as it seems, can easily meet its match too. And, as cs2016lt is saying, it will be even more lopsided in the near future, when aluminum becomes the new steel in car bodies. I could even imagine the "non-survivors" nodding yes and being a tiny bit happy that you found a way to maybe saving some 16 year old's life out of their misfortune.
  9. You better wave! It's required by law in 49 states! When you're new you can usually get away with a few flub ups but, you really want to get that down ASAP. Also year does not matter nor does brand (either Chevy or GMC). DO NOT wave at Ford drivers!!! You can get a ticket for trying to start a fight. No big deal, as most are busy trying to get some compartment open or keeping some lid closed and don't have time to even notice ANY traffic around them. You'll do fine. It becomes natural after a bit. Enjoy the new truck! Jim
  10. Look (or rather feel) on top of fuel tank. You'll find an envelope there which will contain a list of all future problems and failings. They're always at least 2~3 pages long and list all present and future failings of your new Ford F- .... Sorry wrong forum. Carry on.
  11. Seriously? I bought (mostly traded - but hey it was the eighties) at least 5 new cars between 1980 to 1990 and I don't even remember aftermarket / dealer selling a kit to do this. I remember stereos with CD players that came with handles so you could pull them out and easily/or barely carry them. God, I'm getting old. Not discounting anything that you said. Maybe I was just really busy in the '80s and don't remember. Anyway nostalgia and curiosity have got the best of me. Could you explain further about the '80s removable wheels. Interested how it was engineered. It must have had some sort of quick disconnect, yes? Did it require (any) tools etc.etc. Share what you know please.
  12. Mine worked 1st time, probably by accident. I'm using a generic 8 GB USB flash drive. Formatted to FAT32. Movies in MP4 format and all in root folder of USB drive. I had no guidance or help from dealer. They said my truck ('14 Silverado LTZ with NAV) could not play video, period. So I went with what seemed the simplest and most universal settings. I later read online somewhere, not here, people discussing video playback issues and it seemed as people went with higher capacity drives the more problems they had. I realize my 8 GBs is probably at the low end of the spectrum and I could go bigger but all my movies are 480x320 or 320x240 so very small file sizes. These 2 sizes seem to fit the screen just fine (any thing bigger and it would just be wasted on that screen size) and because they are small and simple the tiny MyLink system seems to play them easily. You're probably way more advanced than my setup, but I hope something here is helpful.
  13. Don't think you need DVD option. Mine is a '14 Silverado LTZ with NAV. The dealer told me ONLY trucks (2014 and newer) could play video thru the NAV screen but they had to have the back seat DVD player to work. Also, mine is a Double Cab, and I'm sure I saw somewhere that rear seat DVD was only offered on the Crew cabs. Anyway the dealer was wrong on two very important facts about a video playback. I say give it a try, nothing to lose. FYI - you need to use the USB or SD card slot inside the console. The USBs on the dash or under the flap on the front of the console do not connect to the stereo, They are only for charging.
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