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  1. Can you guys provide some pics? I would definitely go this route to save some MPG's!
  2. This happened to my2007 truck as well. Do you happen to drive more highway miles than city miles? The reason I ask is mine was fine until my commute to work went from 5 miles to 40. I figured it had something to do with AFM as it was now activated everyday driving long distances. My truck was burning oil at around 50k and only got worse the more I drove. When I took it in they always told me that it was normal for the trucks to burn oil, yada, yada, yada. I finally took it in when my oil light came on after 900 miles and I told them that it was now well beyond normal. I demanded an oil consumption test and brought it back after 1000 miles with the low oil message on. They took it in and confirmed it was really low so they changed out all of my pistons as well as put the deflector shield in. I have not had a problem since. I believe this is the route your truck is going so it is only a matter of time.
  3. I have NBS Sierra with a 1.5" leveling kit and 305/60/18 tires and they barely rub. Had to take out the center pop rivet but otherwise have done nothing else.
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